Polkadot Cadaver

Polkadot Cadaver

When Baltimore based Alt-Metal act Dog Fashion Disco came to an end, it wasn't the end of front man Todd Smith, guitarist Jasan Stepp Guitar and drummer John Ensminger musical output.

During the near decade the group spent in Dog Fashion Disco. Smith and his merry band of misfits would amass a loyal underground following of fans (dubbed the "mushroom cult") through countless tours with the likes of Slayer, Mindless Self Indulgence, Nothingface and Lacuna Coil. Although Dog Fashion Disco never achieved commercial success, their musical legacy gained the respect of musical contemporaries like Serj Tankian of System of a Down (who made a guest appearance on Anarchists of Good Taste), Mushroomhead and American Head Charge, while the group's music lives on through the internet and continues to create new members of the "mushroom cult" long after the band's demise.

While Smith and company may have become sick of living the vagabond lifestyle that a touring metal band requires, the thought of giving up music entirely never even crossed their minds. Within mere months of their former outfits demise the group had created a new group, Polkadot Cadaver to unleash their schizophrenic musical madness.

"Jasan and I decided to start a studio band and Polkadot Cadaver started as shells of songs on Jasan's computer. After we fleshed out the songs we pitched it Rotten Records, because we loved how they handled the last Dog Fashion Disco album," says Smith about the formation of the group. "They immediately got behind us and as soon as received a recording budget we went to Wrightway Studios to work and complete the record. Polkadot Cadaver is very similar to Dog Fashion Disco stylistically. The songs are still very quirky and different from each other." Recorded in the bowels of Baltimore with producer Steven Wright (Jimmie's Chicken Shack, SR-71), Polkadot Cadaver's debut album picks up right where Dog Fashion Disco left off. The brilliance of the band's musical output lies within their ability to sonically shape shift like a musical chameleon that can adapt to any music style. "What's The Worst Thing" blisters with thrashing Slayer like riffage and then spills into the soothing folk-pop melodies of "Chloroform Girl". The album's lyrical insanity the delivers homicidal blow to Polkadot Cadaver's musical homicide, covering gamut of topics ranging from plane crashes, narcissistic models, Christ, the devil and good old Baltimore, MD.

The Dead Lotus Society

Just your not-so average group of musicians trying to bring a little joy and brutality to the world.

Described as the bastard child of death and grunge with some "WTF" thrown in for good measure, the Dead Lotus Society is a metal ensemble with beginnings in Austin,TX that has made its way to the Denver metal scene. In 2010, the band appeared on the 2010 SILENCE ALL TOUR with Seven Year Existence, Austin's first annual BITCHFEST, Texas ROCKFEST and Come and Take It Production's Austin Metal Showcase.

The group is currently working on the release of their first full length album, The Deva Catalog, and appeared on the cover of The Austin 420. You can catch tracks off Enter the Wasteland (2009 LP) on various college radio shows across the country, including 91.7 fm KVRX in Austin.


Known and admired for their intricate style of rock n' roll, Musuji brings a refreshing sound to the Hard Rock Genre. Formed in 2007, the Denver based band has performed in venues coast to coast. Unlike your cliche rock band, Musuji's inspired musicianship distinguishes them as a "must see" live performance. "Musuji" is a Native American term that means wild with madness which accurately describes their clever mastery of harmony between serenity and riffs that pack a big-ol-punch!

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