Tab Benoit

Tab Benoit is a Cajun man who's definitely got the blues. Born November 17, 1967, he grew up in Houma, Louisiana. A guitar player since his teenage years, he hung out at the Blues Box, a ramshackle music club and cultural center in nearby Baton Rouge run by guitarist Tabby Thomas. Playing guitar alongside Thomas, Raful Neal, Henry Gray and other high-profile regulars at the club, Benoit learned the blues first-hand from a faculty of living blues legends.

Sol Driven Train

Sol Driven Train are one of the most diverse bands on the scene, working genre's from country to funk and everything in between. They sound like blue eyed played via second line funk in Paul Simons Afro Caribbean Graceland. With rotating lead vocalists, and a kaleidoscope of styles, you can come prepared to be surprised and satisfied.

This South Carolina five piece found their roots in the spring of 2000, hanging out with friends and family. Their relaxed MO continues to this day, and they show themselves to be a band that has never felt the pressure to pick a category. Instead, they opt to be whatever kind of band they feel like from moment to moment and state to state. Thirteen years later, they're going stronger than ever.



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