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Poised. Perplexed. Passionate. If these three words were a song, Jillian Marie Kelleher would sing them. In the meantime, she's busy breaking her way onto the music scene with a classic and powerful pop/soul sound, sophisticated lyrics and an emotional performance that lures you in and smacks you awake.

A self-pronounced a-cappella nerd and one-time musical theater major, Jillian has dabbled in performing her entire life. From hosting a talk-show for MSNBC to touring frat parties in a southern rock band, Jillian gets her thrills from connecting with an audience and being a renaissance woman. In fact, she was recently flown to Klon, Germany to perform as a rapper with Def Jam and 4MM Games at Europe's largest video-gaming convention "Gamescom"-- a true testament to her multi-faceted approach.

When she's not on stage, Jillian is the CEO/Founder of Connector Entertainment Group a full-service agency engaged in the ownership, branding/development and commercial utilization of entertainment content.

Carlos Abeyta

The LoveHowl

The LoveHowl is a Brooklyn based band bringing back the soul in Rock n Roll. A project which developed from singer-songwriter Amy Sheehan's solo material the group has morphed into a gutsy rock act. NY native drummer Jonathan Vergara joined Amy and lead guitar player Alex Sherba on the recording of Sheehan's pop-rock EP Insane Concoction in 2010. Bassist/violinist Jonah Durning-Hammond joined the band following his move from the Delta in 2012. The particular combo of the friendly foursome has proven to produce just the right combination of dirty blues licks, occasional pop hooks and a taste of 70s rock reminiscent of Big Brother and the Holding Company. They are not afraid of Motown inspired ballads or worshipping Purple Rain (or Haze for that matter). Half of their hearts are living in a time capsule but it sure makes for something delicious.



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