Venus Beltran, Golden Youth (closing)

Venus Beltran

venus beltran is a solo side-project from dave han, of astral and foreign cinema. lo-fi... dreampop lounge... analog...

Golden Youth (closing)

Golden Youth is a California band of singer/songwriters Stephanie Lauren & Kyle Monroe. After asking the band whats the most important aspect of the band I received a appropriate response. "The process of writing and recording is equally important to us as the final outcome. We both enjoy the journey just as much as the goal and I think that's why we go to such great lengths to make sure we are writing and recording the way we do. I hope that nothing becomes routine in the way we do things..." explains Kyle Monroe. "Its rare that every band member is on the exact same page, and I think thats why Stephanie and I work together so easily."

Books on Fate

Books on Fate is the solo moniker of the San Francisco artist Adam Dishart (formerly of the Catholic Comb). Playing pop music tinged with melancholy, Books on Fate showcases Dishart's penchant for 80's-era pop and his ability to "capture the alienation and wistfulness of youth."


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