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Heartsounds came into being after the demise of Light This City, when Ben Murray and Laura Nichol decided to pursue their passion for punk rock by writing and recording a full length record consisting of 12 fast and melodic tracks, jams!

The Reveling

Although fiery punk quartet The Reveling now calls the Williamsburg and Greenpoint neighborhoods of Brooklyn home, its debut EP, 3D Radio, transmits a much grittier, working class quality than fellow New Yorkers - or the rest of us, for that matter - might expect. It is music for the masses: a rousing anthem for the hoi polloi that is not without nuance and subtlety, but still sounds best pulsing through our speakers at top volume or in a live setting, cranked out by the band to a crowd of sweaty, eager show goers.

At its core, 3D Radio is a driving, brash take on mid-90's melodic hardcore and punk, melded with the urgency of today's post-hardcore sound. But the songs also touch on elements of roots, soul and good old blue-collar rock 'n' roll ... something with which drummer Jay Weinberg is notably familiar. For over three decades, the 19-year old's father, Max Weinberg, has been playing with arguably the most beloved working class rock hero of all time, Bruce Springsteen. In fact, Jay recently had the opportunity to tour with the E Street Band for an extended period, admirably filling his father's shoes behind the drum kit while the elder was occupied with the premiere of The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien, where Max is bandleader.



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