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We like to believe our music speaks for itself. We come from various backgrounds, all defined by different musical tastes. This allows us to always push each other to develop our sound. Our goal to create music we are proud of and other people enjoy to play. No cookie cutter, cereal box songs or lyrics come from D-Railed. What you see is what you get, it doesn't get more real then this.

Get wrecked with D-Railed and you'll understand why this train won't be stopped.

Matthew Teardrop

Slay the Phoenix

Slay the Phoenix is a dark and heavy melodic rock group founded by vocalist Nix Vantgarde and guitarist Bryan Diaz. The band originated as a side project between the two lovers a few years ago, but they were driven by a need for some heavier, layered textures in their music. In autumn of 2012 they set out on a quest to find their creative companions and the gentle hands of fate brought Matthew Potter (drums), Alex Schetter (keys) and Vuyo (bass) into the group.
Matthew had collaborated with Nix and Bryan once before in a previous band, but the combination of the new music and the maturity that the three of them had reached over the last several years made them ripe and ready for this amalgamation. Vuyo, newly arrived to Los Angeles from Colorado, was the perfect complement to the rhythm section. He is the youngest member of the band brings a lot of unique ideas to the creative process. Nix and Alex met while working for a major recording studio in West Hollywood earlier in the year. They instantly became friends and having similar tastes, talked about music often. Nix put word out that her band was searching for an experience keyboard/piano player and Alex, who had just arrived back from a sound installation in Italy, responded to that beckon.
Throughout the fall and winter of 2012 the newly formed coterie acclimated rather swiftly. Slay the Phoenix was unveiled and started playing live shows the first week of 2013. Deciding that the music had developed to their liking, they started production of their first album in February. They anticipate the release of Bonsai by Fall 2013- and will sequentially advance to win the hearts and minds of the music industry.



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