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Badwater's boundless creative spirit dips into rock, progressive, alternative, psychedelica, and blues, while assimilating each strand into a cohesive vision that's fully realized on their latest album, Drown Me Out. Grooves shake and tumble with effusive bravado, while riffs resound with prowess and power. Badwater also infuses a cinematic sensibility into the lyrics and songwriting. It's a delicate balance between vibrant and vulnerable, and it's utterly undeniable.

Vayden by definition is knowledge. The knowledge that the art of life is play. They don't play for product or pay, or for notoriety or fame. They play because life is a game. One can either let a game sit and collect dust, or play it. It's Vayden's philosophy to play the game they love well, and to remember those who love them for it.

Vayden formed in Phoenix, Arizona in 2005, and currently reside in Los Angeles, California. They released their first full-length album, Children of Our Mistakes, in 2006, and have since shared the stage with many amazing artists, been on national and international tours, received extensive radio airplay and have played festivals for thousands of people. Their latest full-length album, Alone in the Sky, was recorded in Bremen, Germany, and was released on May 5th earlier this year.

Vayden could be categorized as a rock band, though their influences span many generations and include everything from The Beatles to Frank Zappa, from Alice in Chains to Tool, from Rage Against the Machine to System of a Down. Mix in some motown, a touch of classical and a little jazz, and you now have a portion of the raw material that makes up Vayden.

The members of Vayden are: Curtis Casey, Armin Peterson, Jeffrey Covey and Bruce Weitz. They are four guys with common interests and philosophies and it is their intention to share their discoveries in the art of life and music with everyone who cares to listen.

Enjoy the game.

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