Toy (from the UK) + Cold Showers + Von Haze

Part Time Punks

Part Time Punks is proud to welcome TOY to The Echo stage for their first-ever live appearance in Los Angeles. Hailed as the UK's best shoegaze band since Ride with the release of their debut LP last year, the bands new LP finds them growing at light speed, incorporating dreamy elements of psychedelia and the chugging, insistent motorik rhythms of Krautrock, as well as bits of Britpop and even some Factory Records sounds... "Join The Dots" is certain to make most critics' lists for Best of the Year (including PTP's), and their live show is certain to sell out (and sooner than later) so get yer tickets ASAP folks..

Cold Showers (The Echo)

COLD SHOWERS fuses the sort of dreamscape typically associated with Shoegaze to the melancholia of the Darkwave. A band who, it is mentioned in most reviews, would fit comfortably "in the dusty catalog of Factory Records," perhaps because of the talents members...and just the right revolving counterbalance piston-precise drumming ala' Steve Morris, resounding bass leads worthy of Peter Hook and the alternately complex and catchy guitarwork of a chap who could very well be the next Vini Reilly. Their debut on Dais, also is making a lot of Top Ten lists around the country this time of year...and very deservedly fucking so. And with their 2nd LP nearly completed, you can expect it to appear on those Top Ten lists for 2014 (including PTP's!)

Brooklyn duo by way of London, VON HAZE, are the latest transplants to the booming synth scene of Lost Angeles. Equally ominous and blissful, these are synthscapes interwoven with driving Suicide-style beats and bits of buzzsaw guitar. Both of the band's EPs (on Hippos In Tanks) and their LP (on Pendu Sound) are produced by Richard Fearless of Death In Vegas, so both Primal Scream and Spiritualized's fuzzy and blissful collaborations with Fearless come bzzzzzing to mind...

$10 adv $14 at the door


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