Miguel Figueiras

Miguel Figueiras is a bilingual pop performer, producer and songwriter. Born and raised in Miami, FL, he began writing songs in English and Spanish when he was 7 years old. He learned to play piano when he was 9 and guitar when he was 12. And by 17, he had started producing and performing his music in Miami, New York and several countries in Latin America.

After high school, he moved to New York with a scholarship to pursue a degree in Recorded Music from the Clive Davis Institute at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and a minor in Spanish from the College of Arts and Sciences. Here he continues to develop himself as an artist, producer, writer, and music businessman constantly moving forward with his own image and sound while writing and producing for other artists as well.

Miguel’s music binds the punch of punk to the kiss of pop to the spice of his Latin roots. He’s what you get when you force an electric guitar through a beat slicer and heave arena rock drums on a stack of gated pads. All the while scattering timbales over layers of vocal harmonies and setting a guiro above a side-chained bass line.

Inspired by artists who dismantle the barriers of language and geography to achieve international relatability, Miguel is, at his core, a storyteller who transcends the restrictions of any one culture or genre. He writes music that is candid and authentic and will connect with people of all ages all over the world: the first kiss with someone who mattered, the many rejections from someone who didn’t, the love that made him invincible, the heartbreak that made him human, and everything else that has and will be.

Amy Leon

Amy Leon is a spoken word artist who has fallen in love with music. She loves to travel through language and emotion using improvisation and collaboration. She is currently a senior at NYU studying Drama and plans to help as many people as she can with her words and her large capacity to love. Amy hopes that you enjoy her sound! Feel free to introduce yourself, hugs are guaranteed 🙂



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