Halloween Covers Night

Halloween Cover Show

Los Kinkos

Members of Babies On Acid, The Shirley Rolls, Spirit Vine.

Raw Power Rangers as Iggy and The Stooges

Members of The Germs and Insect Surfers

Playing all of "Raw Power"

Manhattan Murder Mystery

"every Manhattan Murder Mystery show is like a battle royal. A wonderful, scummy battle royal." -Radio Free Silverlake.

Madame Headdress as The Pointer Sisters

Members of The Monolaters

The Karabal Nightlife as The Velvet Underground

The band has a mysterious sound that matches their unusual name, and L.A. music-goers who have been lucky enough to be entranced by the band have nothing but love to give back.

Jesse Davis (vox, guitar, keys), Lindsay Mancha (bass/vox), and Courtney Olsen (drums/percussion) preserve suspense in their music as it ranges from folk to pop to rock with an irresistible groove. However, as they continue to be unpredictable in genre classifications, there is also a remarkable precision in their songwriting...

They are currently in the studio working on their follow-up to [their debut album] "The Other Shore".

Free with Costume / $5 without

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