The Recreation Station, Magma Carta, Wild Rose Harmonic

The Recreation Station

With roots in Green Bay Wisconsin, Recreation Station is an indie pop/rock/bluegrass band ranging from a solo act to a 10 member stairwell gang. With songs as diverse as the Midwestern seasons, one moment you may find yourself barking at the stage, only to settle back and enjoy a banjo led frolic into spring the next.

Magma Carta

Magma Carta is a good band that most people will like. Some of you will probably even love us. Which we're fine with.

People in the know say our sound clouds have passing wisps of REM, Guided By Voices, The Shins, Arthur Hodgson and the Kneecaps, and Les Garçons de la Plage (aka The French Beach Boys).

We're available for parties, stadium tours, and just about anything in between that doesn't require a federal background check. Members include Scott Stetson, Kenn Busch, Tyler Wood, Kevin Longino and Zeppo, who hasn't shown up since the first practice, but we still have his van.

Wild Rose Harmonic

Wild Rose Harmonic was a project started between two composition students Trent Prall and Max Perkins. After adding Neal Cragg on bass, the band began to record their first EP as 'Casual Romantics', soon adding guitarist, Tyler Phelps to the roster, and rounding out their sound by adding Nikki Mihelich on cello. After playing a few shows as 'Apparitions,' the 5 members decided to add violinist Jen Stenson and change the name for copyright reasons, and so Wild Rose Harmonic was born.

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