Dennis Rowland Benefit Concert

Dennis Rowland Benefit Concert

The Dennis Rowland Benefit Concert, a high-energy evening of jazz and blues featuring vocalists Francine Reed, Monica Mancini and many others. Net proceeds from the concert will benefit Rowland, a Grammy-nominated vocalist and Herberger Hall of Fame performer who is recovering from a near-fatal stroke and cerebral hemorrhage suffered in December.

One of the local jazz scene’s most beloved figures, Rowland has performed throughout the United States, Europe and at Phoenix-area events and venues including The Scottsdale Plaza Resort and Kazimierz World Wine Bar. Currently unable to work as a performer, Rowland continues to improve and aspires to return to the stage. He also envisions helping other stroke survivors through music therapy.

Mancini will be joined on stage by Grammy-award-winning jazz greats Shelly Berg (piano), Gregg Field (concert co-producer/music director/drums) and noted bassist Chuck Berghofer, among others.

Additional all stars will include jazz vocalists Khani Cole and Diana Lee, saxophonist Marion Meadows, and trumpeter Jesse McGuire. In addition, Tommy Holloway and Michael Reed will join Mel Bridges and Cordell Conway of the Miracles for a Motown tribute.

Band members backing Reed, Cole and Lee will include Reed's brother Michael Reed (bass), Chris Gough (keyboard), Donnie Dean (guitar), Mike King (bass), Dave Baradic (piano) and Greg Warner (concert co-producer/music director/drums).

$38.50, $43.50, $53.50, $63.50 & $78.50


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