Oceanborn is a progressive metal band from Chicago, IL, USA. Oceanborn was formed by Christopher Lee and Dominick Camillo in 2010 and shortly after the inception of the first couple songs, Lance Ferrell joined as the lyricist and vocalist. After putting the band fully together and playing a number of shows in the midwestern US, the band released a self produced three song EP entitled, "The Descent EP" online in March of 2012. The band was originally named Tattoo the Devil, but decided to change the name before releasing a significant amount of content.

Oceans Over Airplanes

Born Empty, Your Best Friend

Left Setter

Left Setter returns in late Summer 2009 with the release of "IRENE". 9 socially conscious tracks documenting the hope and confusion of life within a struggling society and its disassociation with interpersonal relationships. A Chicago-based independent/alternative hard rock band, Left Setter is highly recognized for their energetic live performances and sonic recordings. Left Setter has a DIY attitude and approach to putting their art first.

Forming and releasing a 5-song EP in late 2001, Left Setter released their first full-length album, the self-titled "Left Setter", in spring of 2003. Critically acclaimed press reviews for the album helped earn Left Setter a Budweiser "True Music Live" sponsorship. Music videos for the songs "Trainwreck" and "Invasion" visually promoted the band to new video and cable outlets such as Fuse, MTV2 and Music Choice, while "Teardrop" and "11:11" helped break the band onto local, national and international radio charts. "Durbin's Poison" also earned a spot on Blender Magazine's "Best of Unsigned America" compilation cd in 2003 and "Numb" was used in an advertisement campaign for Miller Beer Company.

Releasing their follow-up album, "Left Setter II", in late 2005, "Autumn Leaves" and "Sellout" continued to make an impact at mainstream/college radio and satellite radio network XM Radio stations. Also producing their own videos, music videos for the songs "Double Zero" and "Million $ Funeral" brought to earn Left Setter a spot as guest hosts for 2 episodes of Chicago's legendary music video show, JBTV, in summer of 2006.

Maintaining a commitment to writng music that is an honest, true, and real representation of the bands' integrity and ambitions, Left Setter's relevance is defined on this new album "IRENE".

Boots With Spurs

Boots with Spurs is a four piece progressive rock band from Chicago, IL. The band just finished it's second album, entitled "Voodoo or Die: The Sun Never Sets Part 2" released May 5th, 2012. This album is the second installment of their two part conceptual project and features a new member in vocalist, Ty Wyffels. Ty joins original members: Clay Bail, Matt Gonzalez, and David Lugo as they plan on bringing their hard hitting, psychedelic approach to progressive rock to the Chicago music scene.

"{Boots with Spurs music} makes Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ look like a nursery story, whilst Coheed & Cambria can no longer be deemed the most imaginative band on the planet." "I’d hazard a guess that the world just simply is not ready for these kind of ludicrous tales."

Weight of the World

Weight Of The World is an alternative rock band from Chicago, IL.

Shawn Kellner- Vocals
Eli Grey- Guitar/Programming
Tessa Rose- Bass
Dan Hill- Drums



Special Appearance by the Windy City Ghostbusters (Photos and Autographs available for donation) A portion of the proceeds fro the show and 100% of donations benefit the Tree House Animal Shelter and the La Rabida Children's Hospital

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