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For fans of: Sevendust, Nonpoint, Foo Fighters

Bands these days. So many of them form and expect instant superstardom instead of rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty by establishing a rehearsal schedule, playing shows on their home turf to establish a fanbase or putting in the necessary amount of work required to make it, such as becoming friends with local press and radio, sending out packages to labels, agents and managers or fostering a following in their hometown.

Then there's a band like Prospect Hill comprised of five friends who have spent the last few years pounding every square inch of the pavement to create a brand, developing an ironclad, impenetrable and unbreakable bond in their native Massachusetts, just north of Boston, every step of the way. If you reside outside of the Northeast, chances are you haven't heard of Prospect Hill…yet. But that's all about to change, once their new album Impact does just that: make an impact.

Prospect Hill, named after a local neighborhood, are a textbook case of the fact that good, ol' fashioned elbow grease and determination will triumph over a bottomless reserve of major label funds any day of the week, month or year. You can't beat it, you can't fake it. When something natural, organic and unforced finds its audience and connects, there really is no stopping it. That's what Prospect Hill have done and will continue to do. The foundation has been laid. Now it's time to build atop of what's already there.

Prospect Hill could very well achieve that lofty goal, thanks to their sheer willpower, work ethic and determination, which is matched equally by the crunch and resonance in the hard rock sounds they craft.
The band started its career in humble fashion, by playing hand-me-down instruments and using old equipment, lacking the sort of financial backing that bands require surviving. Still, they toiled to put the requisite building blocks in place. When the foundation is strong, nothing can topple what's built upon it.

Prospect Hill have been a band in some incarnation or other since some of the members were in seventh grade. "We released independent albums on our own and took to the New England scene through hard work, elbow grease and did a lot of online outreach on our own," drummer Mark Roberge recalls. "We hit it hard. I would sit on MySpace daily, manually add 500 friends a day." He did it himself, not using friend-accruing Bots or any other sort of "cheating" technology that could have been at his disposal.

The result of this effort, as well as rock solid tuneage, allows Prospect Hill to pack a club with little radio airplay. "We did some crazy work. We went into a hard market, and killed it," he states, regarding the band's grassroots approach.

Prospect Hill is an all-in-the-family operation, with Roberge's father serving as the band's management. Despite lacking a big name industry exec in their corner, the band still earned opening support slots on national tours coming through their market, developed a big (not to mention passionate) enough following to pack houses and released several albums independently.

The band played gigs with the multiplatinum likes of Godsmack, Disturbed and Korn, as well as heavy hitters like Sevendust, Hinder, Trapt and more. They also earned the Best Underground Act awarded from High Times and even performed at SxSW in 2010.

It's the live element that truly defines Prospect Hill. "Our biggest thing is our live show," Mark says. "You go to a Prospect Hill show, you are getting a show. It's passionate. That's how we built a following. It's hard work to get people to go to the show. If you don't do well, they are not coming back. You have to hook them and do great job."

The band excelled at taking venues north of Boston and in New Hampshire that aren't normally home to rock crowds and booked the gigs themselves, hiring their own sound and staff. It was an untraditional method and mean, but it's what made the Prospect Hill model work.
The band's discography consists of Prospect Hill, Out of the Ashes and For the Lovers, the Haters and the Dead.

Now they are ready to take that next step to the national stage, both literally and figuratively. Say hello to Prospect Hill, rock fans.
Armed with a new album titled "IMPACT" and a heavy artillery sound featuring a swirl of razor sharp riffs and melodic bluster, Prospect Hill have worked their collective butts off to get to this point. Impact is due out August 28.

Impact will features eleven tracks crafted with a gritty passion bound by an emotionally keyed up delivery.Standouts include the song "Breakdown," from 2007's For the Lovers, the Haters and the Dead, which sold 3,500 copies out of the car trunk, and was the first to be spun on radio in non-local markets. It was produced by Anthony J. Resta (Collective Soul, Blondie). "Superhero," which appeared on the self-titled album and which carried over to Impact, is a signature Prospect Hill song, with Roberge referring to it as a "big ballad. "If you hear it once, you could sing it right back to me," he said. "It would feel great in a Spider-Man movie." The band also filmed a video for "Roller Coaster," featuring MTV Real World alum Scott Herman. It became a bit of an online hit.

Right now is the time for Prospect Hill to make a national splash and turn heads on the national stage. It's time for Prospect Hill to make an Impact, like a meteor-crashing to the earth and leaving a cavernous hole. That's sort of like what Prospect Hill will do once you hear their music. It will leave something behind and it's something you won't soon forget.


Hard. Hard feelings. Hard work. Hard rock. SCREAMING FOR SILENCE powers through the lows with unapologetic roars, punishing percussion, sweaty bass lines and euphoric guitar riffs in their debut EP featuring the nu-metal – rock fused anthem "Separate" and the many-layered standout "Helpless." Beaten but not down, SCREAMING FOR SILENCE commands attention in the studio and especially live on-stage.


Blameshift is four musicians driven by the desire to succeed. Born of members who've cut their teeth playing in the local Long Island music scene for years, Blameshift decided first and foremost that they wanted to become a national act --not just another bunch of "hometown heroes" or "weekend warriors."  Their live shows dominate with intensity, featuring the talents of dual vocalists Jenny Mann and Tim Barbour (also pulling guitar duties), the smooth style  of bass player Ben Fine, and the grooves and sequencing of percussionist James Miller. Blameshift brings the show in every sense of the word, with a touring history nothing short of impressive.

Two months after recording their demo album "Drop Down", in drummer James' basement, the band embarked on their first tour together. The thirty date summer tour was booked and promoted entirely by the band. Two sixty date tours followed with the band embracing the rigors of the road as their new home, blazing a trail through the mid-west and east coast in their customized short-bus and trailer. High-lighted performances included dates on the Vans Warped Tour 2006 in PA, NJ, and Long Island, NY.

The winter of 2007 found Blameshift writing new material and recording their second album with the production talents of Michael Birnbaum and Chris Bittner (Coheed and Cambria, The Sleeping, Straylight Run). The Test was released nationally May 1, 2007, through select F.Y.E. stores,, and digitally on iTunes. One month later, the band left it all behind again to begin the tour cycle for The Test. For the first time they ventured to the west coast on the D.F.Y. Tour. After a one week break the Fall tour began, winning tour support from Taco Bell's contest. Once again Blameshift booked and promoted the entire tour, and christened their Street Team. Alternative Press Magazine soon recognized Blameshift as Unsigned Band of the Month for July 2007 along with a featured full-page ad promoting the album release and national tour.

The year 2008 found Blameshift scratching the creative itch in between tours. With the help of Michael Birnbaum and Chris Bittner, "The Sirens are Set" promotional single was released through vigorous on-line promotion via Purevolume. The song went on to become "one of Newday's top achievements in Long Island music for 2008." With all the momentum, they hit the road again late February playing fifty five dates on the Ready!Set!Go! Tour. Featured shows included four dates at the annual SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX. The summer of 2008 once again took Blameshift to the West Coast on the No Haircut Tour Part 2.  Blameshift got the opportunity again to perform at the Vans Warped Tour, this time for six dates. Realizing the time they will spend on the road, the band decided to get a bigger bus which they converted to run on vegetable oil to cut fuel costs. The band also began accumulating clothing and equipment endorsements with well-respected companies such as ErnieBall, PRS Guitars, Bogner, Shine Drums, Paiste, Ampeg, Sullen Clothing, Amp Energy Drink and Draven Shoes. In an effort to give back, they joined forces with the blood donation service and youth culture conduit Music Saves Lives. Just before leaving for the Everlasting Sound Tour in the Fall of 08, The Test became available in select Hot Topic stores. This tour was nearly three months long, hitting the entire US and even Canada with The Material (San Diego, CA) an And Then There Was You (Indianola Records).

At the start of 2009, Blameshift decided it was time to start writing their follow up to The Test. The band joined forces with
producer Mike Watts at Vudu Studios in NY. After demoing several new songs, the band decided it would be best to tour for the remainder of the year and finish the EP for release February 2010. Blameshift completed the Summer De-Tour for 26 dates and recently just finished the Girls vs Boys Tour, again with touring buddies, The Material. They finished up touring for 09 on the Cash for Punkers Tour with Sky Tells All. (Bhe Records)

Blameshift remains an independent, unsigned band with a dedicated grass roots following, forging long-lasting relationships with their fans, sponsors, and those inside the music business. With a voracious appetite for next level of success in every aspect of their career, 2010 will prove to be the break out release for Blameshift.

Shadow of Myself

For fans of: Stone Sour, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine

Powerful, aggressive yet melodic vocals. Heavy, groove-filled riffs and searing lead guitar harmonies. A bone-rattling rhythm section. Shadow of Myself is a recipe for what hard rock music should be, and a reminder of what so many radio stations have forgotten: In-your-face, take-no-prisoners attitude and the balls to back it up on stage. Having just released a new EP in February 2013, and with a new album set for release in the fall, the time has come to kick down doors and plow through walls until everyone knows that Shadow of Myself has arrived.
Shadow of Myself continues to gain a wide fanbase, and has shared the stage with national bands from Seether and Three Days Grace to L.A Guns. Several Shadow Of Myself tracks have been featured on state-wide local radio broadcasts from major area stations including 106.5 The End and 100.3 The New Buzz, as well as numerous internet radio sites and podcasts. For more information, check out our website and Facebook page.

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