FABITAT: featuring DJ Adam El (of 16 Candles / Berlin)

A night for the west side's LGBT community and their supporters.

FABITAT, a FREE extravaganza on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month, will provide a hub outside of Boystown for LGBT featuring DJs, drag performances, music and social benefits, all of which will be presented by local queer artists and affiliations.

FABITAT is brought to you by Double Door and Door No. 3 with the support of Halsted Vodka, a new craft spirit that gives 15% of its profits to LGBT causes. FABITAT will offer Halsted Vodka drink specials at every event--$5 cocktails, $4 slushies and $3 shots.

Event photography will be provided by Marisa Klug-Morataya.

FABITAT is excited to be a part of the west side's various queer nights. Each and every month following will have a similar pattern with FABITAT: Grooves on every second Wednesday and a variety of performances or benefits on the 4th Wednesday (FABITAT: Drag, Live or Social).

Remember, FABITAT is always free so the more support we have, the more we can offer in bigger and better entertainment for the community.

Big Dipper (Live Set)

Big Dipper is a Chicago based queer rapper known for his playful style, crazy antics, catchy hooks, and exciting live performances.


BAATHHAUS (formerly DAAN) is a Chicago based queer-performance-art-group-band comprised of multidisciplinary artists Patrick Andrews, Dan Foley, Jesse Young, & Jesse Hozeny creating provocative and original music, dance, and visual art. BAATHHAUS weaves its songs together with narrative, choreography, and costumes combining popular music and culture with dark themes and avant-garde theatrical work (glitter and gore) explicitly exploring the concepts of "otherness". Performances usually give a metaphorical wink to audiences while seriously addressing strong political and social themes.

The group has performed in association with Big Dipper, Big Freedia, Double DJ, Diamond Rings, CSS, Links Hall, and About Face Theatre. BAATHHAUS is heavily entrenched in Chicago's underground queer performance community. BAATHHAUS shows have drawn comparisons to David Bowie, Klaus Nomi, Lady Gaga, and The Wooster Group.

BAATHHAUS categorizes their music as "queer-electro-fuck."

Lucy Stoole

Lucy Stoole wants your love and undivided attention and she will get it one way or another...

Lucy was born to two loving parents who hated her. She now lives in Tijuana most of the year giving abortions to trust fund girls on "vacations". Lucy became a bearded lady after an unfortunate mix-up in her medicine cabinet. Instead of herr usual breakfast of Vicodin, Valium and Quaaludes, she ended up taking a handful of testosterone pills! Lucy has never been a girl that takes things lying down(unless she gets paid up front), so she soldiered on and decided to continue her dream of becoming a star...and a slut.

Anita Borshen

Curlene Ribbon

Curlene is glitterglittersparklemagic. Imagine the possibilities.



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