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The Pink Floyd Tribute: Breathe

Breathe originated from a mutual love and respect for the music of Pink Floyd. It was a Facebook post celebrating the 35th anniversary of "Animals" in January of 2012 that planted a seed and got the ball rolling between friends and acquaintances Chris O'Hara, Todd Gunsher, Eric Kelly, and Luis Rodriguez. Each one of them individually had always had the idea and desire to be able to perform "Animals" in its entirety. There had always been Pink Floyd tribute bands, but none of the members of Breathe could think of one who approached Pink Floyd's material from a whole album performance perspective. Several rehearsals, one gig later, and with the addition of keyboardist Dan McCarrin and vocalist Amy Thomas Parsons, the full Breathe lineup was complete.

Better Off Dead

For Fans of The Grateful Dead.

A love of the music,philosophy and spirit of the Grateful Dead was the basis of the formation of the band in 2008. We have had changes in the line up ever since we began but believe our current roster is the best since we started.

Whitney Pearsall, our lead vocalist, is one of the original members of the band. Music has been a huge part of her life. She was an entertainer at a very early age. She has been the featured vocalist in bands in Maryland and North Carolina.

Rich Saltz, one of our guitar players, is also one of the original members of the band. He draws on his love of the music of the Grateful Dead, having seen over 150 shows. Jerry Garcia's influence is easily evidenced in his playing style.

Jonas McAlarney is a seasoned player who has appeared in many bands in North Carolina. He was formerly a member of They're Only Mostly Dead. His talent adds to the intricate mix and sound that the band produces.

Brant Kay plays keyboards and shares the lead vocal responsibilities. He is also an accomplished guitar player. He has played in bands in Virginia, California, New Mexico, and North Carolina. He grew up with the music of the Grateful Dead in his family and it continues to be a vital part of his being.

Lars Hartmann has been playing drums with the band for about a year. He has extensive experience as an touring musician playing with numerous national acts. He innovative and instinctive skills takes the band to another level.

Chris O'Hara is on his second tour with the band. The are no holds barred when he is playing. He has been a member of a number of bands in North Carolina.

The bands goal is not to present note by note recreations of what the Grateful Dead produced but to pay homage to the music that has affected us deeply.

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