Reigning Sound

Reigning Sound

Reigning Sound was formed in 2001 by Memphis, TN garage-punk legend Greg Cartwright who is also known for his previous bands The Compulsive Gamblers and The Oblivians.

Cartwright (vocals/guitar/songs) relocated his family to Asheville, N.C. in 2004, where he formed a new band. The current line-up includes: Benny Trokan (bassist), Mike Catanese (guitar), Mikey Post (drums), and Dave Amels (keyboardist).

Since Reigning Sound’s 2001 debut, “Two Sides to Every Man," a three song 7" single, Cartwright has been blending true rock‘n’roll with soul and country-folk melodies.

Perhaps it was the 2002 album “Time Bomb High School” (In the Red) that showed Reigning Sound’s full potential. The album spawned a handful of fan favorites, including covers of “Stormy Weather” and “Brown Paper Sack.”

Since then Cartwright has released a stack of Reigning Sound records, including the obnoxiously loud “Too Much Guitar,” a 2004 LP that fellow Memphians Alicja Trout and Jay Reatard helped engineer. The band supported the album by touring the country with The Hives, who are also admitted followers of Cartwright’s catalog.

In recent years, Reigning Sound has dropped the “Love and Curses” LP and the “Abdication ... For Your Love” mini-LP, both showcasing Cartwright’s always maturing songwriting and love for the tried-and-true rock‘n’roll that came from his hometown, Memphis, Tennessee.

Currently Reigning Sound is hitting the road with a bunch of tour dates. Oblivians fans will be happy to hear that Cartwright, along with Jack and Eric Oblivian, just finished work on a new Oblivians full-length for In the Red Records. This new record will be the first new Oblivians LP in 15 years and is due-out sometime in 2012.
-By Rich Tupica

with special guest La La Brooks

I'm La La Brooks, the former original lead singer of the Phil Spector-produced girl group, The Crystals. I had major hits in the sixties with songs including "Da Doo Ron Ron" and "Then He Kissed Me." I also sang on the legendary Phil Spector Christmas Album!

A-Bones with Mick Collins

Bashing out garage rock years before it was fashionable and rockabilly-influenced sounds as if the Stray Cats had never happened, the A-Bones were a Brooklyn-based five-piece that approached the sloppy greatness of rock & roll's past with a beer-addled enthusiasm that had nothing to do with "oldies" or "nostalgia" and everything to do with the primal impulse to play music that's fast, loud, and wild. Named for a tune by the Trashmen, the A-Bones were led by vocalist Billy Miller and drummer Miriam Linna, who previously bashed it out in the Zanteesand were also the brains behind wild-assed pop culture journal Kicks and label Norton Records, both of which reflected the same frantic attitude as their band. (Filling out the lineup were Bruce Bennett on guitar, Mike Lewis and later Marcus "The Carcass" Natale on bass, and Lars Espensen on sax.) the A-Bones kicked off their career in 1984, and two years later they released their first record, a 10" EP called Tempo Tantrum, with the album Free Beer for Life! following in 1988. They lent their services as a backing band to such unsung rock & roll legends as Rudy Grayzell, Hasil Adkins, Johnny Powers, Ronnie Dawson, Roy Loney, and Cordell Jackson, released a fistful of singles on various hyper-cool labels, and released five full-length LPs for Norton before finally calling it a day in 1994. The group played occasional reunion shows over the next decade, though, and in 2004 recorded a new tune (with backing vocals from the's) for a 20th anniversary retrospective, Daddy Wants a Cold Beer and Other Million Sellers. In 2009, the A-Bonesreunited again and released the full-length studio effort Not Now!

Bloodshot Bill

Bloodshot Bill started playing in his hometown of Montreal, around 1998, with just a guitar and a stomp board. Since then, he has had over 30 releases throughout Europe, USA and Canada - and still tours all these places frequently. He was banned from entering the States for 5 years (2006-2011) and made his first "(wel)comeback" show in USA at the Norton Records 25th Anniversary Weekend, performing alongside such legendary (and killer!) acts such as Andre Williams, The Sonics, 5678's, Mighty Hannibal and The South Bay Surfers. Since 2003 his hair has been slicked with his own brand of grease, "Nice 'n' Greasy", and he plays his guitar through his custom made one-of-a-kind RichtoneAmp. He's been in lotsa bands you've never heard of (Hubcaps, Guilloteens, Bootlegs, Hand-Cuffs, Pouteens). Won FME's Coup De Coeur prize in 2007. Released records with Mark "BBQ" Sultan as The Ding- Dongs. Has been in several films & documentaries. Collaborates with King Khan as Tandoori Knights. He's the spokesmen for a hamburger, The Degeue ("disgusting burger" translated). Usually travels alone as a one man band.

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