Mar Salá Official CD Release Party

Mar Salá Official CD Release Party

Based in Brooklyn, Marta Hernández, (aka Mar Salá) is an international singer songwriter, a self taught musician from Seville, Spain. With the collaboration of many accomplished musicians from all over the world, she mixes Latin sounds such as Rumba Flamenca, Brazilian rhythms and Spanish pop, with swing and Rock. Marta's original compositions are a cross over between the Flamenco air of Seville and the eclectic sounds of New York City. She released her two Cds in 2009: Primavera and Take Me to Bahia.

Marta toured Spain and Germany in the summer of 2013 promoting her third Cd, Entre 2 Rivers, produced by Alejandro Zuleta, an accomplished composer, musician, singer and producer from Colombia. “Entre 2 Rivers is an album of Flamenco, Pop, Funk, Rock and Bossa Nova, my attempt to build a musical bridge between Brooklyn and Seville, Spain, my two souls, my two countries. With it, I want to be able to transmit this spirit in order to connect and perpetuate the rhythms and sounds of Spain and New York and to reach the most people as possible. The fusion of the old and new continents will not only preserve these rhythms, but also help to take them further into the future.”This album will be have its official release in the US in New York City on Nov.24.

Mar Salá (composer, vocals, Spanish guitar, castanets) will be accompanied by Carlos Mena (bass), Joel E. Mateo (drumms, percussion), Victor Prieto (accordion) and Coque González (electric guitar).

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