Delaware Fresh Fest 5

Ko the Knockout Presents... The Delaware Fresh Fest Part 4. A classic night of Delaware Hip Hop with live performances by, Soviet Union, The 49ers, Kae Hock, Gentle Jones, Baladon, O'Flame, T Dot, Reese, Cartel Ent, Rich Raw. With special guest Big Noize Inc. Music By Dj Tactics and Incredible Edible. 8 pm to 1 am Ladies free before 9:30

The 49ers

The 49ers, comprising of Jas Mace and Marchitect and hailing out of Newark, Delaware, are not two wanna-be football stars from San Francisco. These two hip-hop entrepreneurs have been blowing up clubs and venues across the country since 1995 when they where the focal members of the hip-hop conglomerate The Outfit. The Outfit’s first release, The Soundtrack to Life, had national distribution and re...ceived positive reviews from radio D.J.s and critics across the country. Their first 12 release was titled Beauty of the Week and remained on the college rap radio charts for over 12 weeks. Due to a string of unfortunate events, The Outfit has since dismantled but The 49ers have continued recording throughout the years working on various solo and group projects. They have been featured at the 2006’s Breeding Ground showcase and won Delaware’s best Hip-Hop artist of 2007 in Out-and-About Magazine. The 49ers have also starred in, and produced the soundtrack to, the award-winning documentary called Guilty or Innocent: Use of the N Word.

The 49ers’ debut album, Equilibrium, was released in 2007 and was well received by critics and fans alike. Philadelphia’s popular hip-hop website, , took notice to Equilibrium as one that was completely produced and written by The 49ers with no guest appearances and claims, “The 100% we do it all our self method produces nothing but high quality music, which these guys do extremely well.” Equilibrium is full of live instruments, with a blend of unique sampling, and clever lyrics well beyond your nursery rhyme rappers that saturate the radio airwaves today. also appreciated the versatility of the album saying, “This album seems to hold a great balance of lyrics, rhymes, production, deejay cuts, mixes and samples. All wrapped together in one, as if the purpose of the album was to take a little bit of everything and successfully mix it into sixteen tracks of hip-hop.” Grouchy Greg, CEO and founder of the popular website, referred to The 49ers as “a group that is definitely pioneering a new sound and bringing a much needed change to a genre of music that has been flooded with copy cats and imitations.”

In 2007, The 49ers released their first Japanese album titled State of the Art and was well received in Japan. State of the Art was more of a 49ers’ greatest hits and unreleased album as it contained unreleased songs recorded by The 49ers, as well as a collection of their greatest hits released as The 49ers and The Outfit. In 2009, they released their second album titled The Ultrasound. The Ultrasound was the first album that wasn’t produced entirely by The 49ers. The Ultrasound featured producers from around the world and was also well received as a breath of fresh air to the current state of hip-hop. In 2010, The 49ers were featured on Re:plus’ album called Everlasting Truth. The song “Imagine” was the #1 hip-hop single on iTunes Japan for two months. The 49ers followed up their hit single and charted again on iTunes Japan with their song “Running Out of Time,” which is featured on Incise’s album called Daily Methods. The song is also featured on the compilation album called In Ya Mellow Tone 5 and peaked the charts at #72 on iTunes top 100 hip-hop songs in Japan.

In 2011, The 49ers charted on iTunes top 100 hip-hop songs in Japan with “Music Plays On.” The song is featured on In Ya Mellow Tone 6 and is also included on Thomas Prime’s album called Waiting for Tomorrow. “Music Plays On” peaked at #97 on iTunes top 100 hip-hop songs in Japan. The 49ers released their 4th album titled Musaic on Libyus Music. The album’s title is a play on two words – music and mosaic. Marchitect explains, “We wanted all the songs to have their own flavor and color, but to come together and make a complete picture. Like a musical mosaic, hence Musaic.” The album was primarily produced by Soulchef and received great reviews across the internet.

Also in 2011, The 49ers released their second album of the year titled Soulstice on Green Piece. This was a collaboration album with a Japanese production unit called ZDW!? (Zaa Dee Woo!?). Soulstice has a unique flavor and is a blend of Japanese traditional sounds, hip-hop beats, and jazzy instruments throughout the album. The album’s theme is based on the summer solstice, hence the album’s title. Soulstice casts a wide net of concepts ranging from needing a vacation, reuniting with ex-girlfriends, and the inevitable end of all good things.

The 49ers hit the iTunes charts again in 2012 with “Doc Ellis,” a track that is featured on Blazo’s album called Reflections. “Doc Ellis” peaked at #66 on iTunes’ hip-hop charts in Japan. With the success of “Doc Ellis,” The 49ers have now charted on Japan’s iTunes top 100 hip-hop charts each of the past three years.

Kae Hock

Today's Hip-Hop is lacking the poetry and soul of what this culture was built on. Delaware native Kae Hock has been working to perfect that lost art of transforming words into hip hop scriptures. Lyrically his songs read like a biography, showcasing his ability to portray his own reality both past and present. KAE Hock's life complexities are vividly present in every bar of his lyrics, he bares his true self sharing what made him who he is today. Hock brings his audience into his life, sharing how he emerged from a broken home due to the separation of his parents and the tragic death of his older brother, he becomes easily relatable for anyone who's been through hard times.

KAE Hock has already become widely known throughout his home state Delaware with his mix tapes (Nothing Fancy, Come See My Vision, Young Hockaday, The Famine,.25 "The Adventures of Inhale and Exhale, .5 "The Album" and Smokers Jacket), as well as the many campus and city newspaper articles.

KAE Hock has performed in talent showcases and many other live shows in Delaware, New Jersey, Philadelphia, New York, and Washington DC. This includes opening for artist such as Keyshia Cole, Juelz Santana, and The Roots. Not to mention the numerous times he has shared the stage with Talib Kweli.

Being a talented rapper and songwriter is not enough for KAE Hock though, the intelligent business minded entrepreneur also has his own production team with coming producers such as Kamekazi, Kevorkian, Flamez Earl Jones, and Easwood, and he is ready to make his mark on hip hop, and the WORLD .

Gentle Jones

Winner of the Spark Summer Music Series

Review by Jake Crates

"Gentle Jones be on some other shit! Hailing from Delaware, Gentle Jones drops his new project Murderkill Hundred. There is nothing else like it on the market as Mr. Jones takes your though a tripped out tour of the first state of Delaware. "Crop Circles" is my joint. Ill sample on that... Gentle Jones drops the track "God is Inside You" and shocks me... This organ-based track is absolutely crazy, the beat is intricate yet spaced out and his words are on some Pink Floyd meets Big Boi, meets Aesop Rock, meets Prince Paul ish. I am going to have to listen to this one several times over. I'm trying to figure out exactly what he's saying. Its talented artists like this that keep me going, for real."


Charles Moore, A.K.A O'Flame, was raised on the northside of Wilmington, Delaware, in a single parent household with his mother and older sister. At the age of 7, Charles' mother and father parted ways, which left him down and out, being that he was close to his father. Living with a strict mother, and with his father being a no show on a regular basis, Charles began dealing with depression at an early age. His sister introduced him to Hip Hop when she bought him his first cassette tape, "Criminal Minded" by Boogie Down Productions. He quickly fell in love with the many feelings music can take you through, so he began to write. Learning how to write poetry was a way out for Charles, but being a "Rapper" was the furthest thing from his mind, until he attended his first concert featuring the group "Onyx". Seeing their energy and their ability to take control of the crowd, Charles knew the stage was where he belonged.Over the years, Charles became more distant from the world, which strained the relationship between him and his mother, and often times, they would get into heated arguments which would lead to Charles being kicked out of the house. Some nights he would have the luck of sleeping on a friends couch, but some not so lucky nights, he would sleep on the steps of a track at a local elementary school. While there, he would spend majority of the night writing in his notebooks.
At the age of 16, Charles started his own poetry club with the help of his english teacher Ms.Gordon. Ms Gordon also convinced him to attend Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida majoring in Recording Arts. In 2000, he dropped his first group album, "Krunk City", with NLT (Nation of a Lost Tribe) and his first solo album, "Da Inferno", dropped in 2001. After receiving his associates degree, at the age of 19, Charles moved back to Wilmington, where he started his record label Shadow Ent. Still clashing with his mother, he ended up moving to the westside of town with his father. There, he started producing for other local artists which helped brand his name . In 2003, he released the nationwide classic "Best of the Best vol.1", and in 2005 he digitally released "Best of the Best vol.2". O'Flame began working on his solo album, "Smoke in the City", in 2007. After 3 years, he finally released it on December 10, 2010. That year, he also managed to perform at 88 different shows with artists such as "King Gordy", "Bizzy Bone", "Hopsin", and "Esham" (just to name a few), conducted numerous radio interviews, and celebrated the release of his first video, "Do you remember". "Smoke in the City" became one of the biggest albums to be released in the state of Delaware, reaching international status in Sweden and the UK. "O'Flame" is seemingly becoming a household name.
In 2011, O'Flame is set to release his "Lights out ep." (produced by N Gage), along with "Best of the Best vol.3" and "Uncharted Territory", in the last quarter of the year. He recently released videos for his lead singles "High Heels", off of the "Lights out ep", and "So f'd up" off of "Best of the Best vol.3". And he has plans for plenty more to come in the near future. With the relationships with his parents now on good terms, the only pressure on him now is the weight of the world. Can he handle it? I guess we all have to stay tuned to find out!

Reese thrives off of his versatility and his energy. His music is good for any situation; it'll get you thinking, dancing, crying, and throwing up your middle finger... depending on what you hear from him. As he rocks shows around the Tri-State area, his live performance is not to be forgotten. Artists and fans alike have said that his energy is through the roof.

Reese has shared the stage with t...he likes of Talib Kweli, Jean Grae, Schoolly D, Iron Solomon, Mad Illz, Black Ice, Mike Jaggerr, E. Ness, Educated Consumers, Has-Lo, Ground Up, as well as hundreds of local acts from Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, and more.

His music and live performance have ranked highly in criticisms from various sources, such as AllHipHop, KISS 101.7 FM, Crooklyn Dodgers, ThisIsDelaware, TriStateMusik, DelawareHipHop, Two.One.Five Magazine, YaHeard, WatchUrMouth, and a host of other reputable sites and organizations.

$8.00 - $10.00


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