Illegal Dance Party

Illegal Dance Party

*** Please note that this is on a Friday ***

Y'all it has been a minute since we have had an out-of-town headliner... So we are going all the way in with this one.

The #JerseyClubKween, UNiiQU3 is a producer, dj, vocalist, and member of the legendary Brick Bandits crew who has been a part of the Jersey scene since her teens. You might have seen her at Afropunk this summer, and her parties and politics have caught the attention of the Fader, Boiler Room, and Vice. She is known for both her sweat-inducing hype-as-hell sets and her penchant for throwing glitter on people, so we think she will fit in real well at #PartyIllegal

Boiler Room Set:

GRRL has long been a music enthusiast- reposting copious tracks, participating in beat cyphers, and producing quality fresh sounds. Recently the wider world has begun to take notice, from the likes of Skrillex praising GRRL's mix to an increasing number of media features like his NestHQ series. To get to know GRRL you should get to know GRRL's twitter feed, which is a living art piece of positivity, music, and emojis. A truly sweet and talented human being, GRRL is going places and we want to come along.

Interview and Mix:

Queen Plz has been an innovator in the Durham scene for almost five years, throwing parties, djing, building questionable props for party antics and shooting people with water guns at 1:30am. You've definitely seen her bouncing around onstage at a recent #Illegal, trying to figure out what to say on the microphone or attempting to school a drunk attendee on consent. Her unique blend of cross-genre remixes and raunchy femme rappers will keep you feeling your own dance move brilliance way past your bedtime.


SupDoodle is a founding member of the Foundry cypher and data wizard of the Illegal production team. He released a polished first EP in April on bandcamp, and his soundcloud is a testament to his meandering muse. While we are certainly fans of his music, we would be lying if we didn't say that a large part of our love for him stems from his amazing dance moves. Come experience both on Friday, November 20th.

We're hauling all of the subs out of the bassment and tracking down extra lasers for this one.

$12, 21+

Thanks to our promotional partners for this Illegal edition, Runaway and Cult Entertainment.


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