Black Lodge

Black Lodge

Black Lodge is an American Industrial Rock band, currently writing and recording their debut album, "The Diary of Tomahawk." US tour dates: 2013.
Black Lodge is an American Industrial Rock band founded on June 12, 2012 by Johnny Royal. Based out of Hollywood, CA, Black Lodge is comprised of Gavin Reign (vocals), Johnny Royal (guitar and programming), Law Veritas (guitar), Ventura XIII (bass guitar), and Justin Greene (drums).

"The Diary of Tomahawk," is a 13 song concept album which tells the story of a young girl named Tomahawk, who after enduring a horrifying experience within her family, begins practicing the Black Arts, and discovers a world of shadows interlaced within her own reality. As Tomahawk journeys deeper into the shadow realm and her darker self, she begins to develop ethereal abilities and sets out to discern the veracity of the two worlds she now walks between.

Black Lodge has dawned a sonic landscape that is lush with dark vocal melodies, analog synth overtones, and haunting guitars that accompany driving Industrial Rock beats into a dynamic and memorable experience for the listener.

Black Lodge is currently writing and recording their debut album, "The Diary of Tomahawk," at The Realm Studios in Hollywood, CA.

Track by track, "The Diary of Tomahawk," will be released over a 13 month period, beginning in the spring of 2013. The full album will be released as a deluxe package, including a limited edition CD/Vinyl, a graphic novel, merchandise and toys, that will be available through the Black Lodge pre-order campaign.

US tour dates will commence in 2013.

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