Chris McFarland, The Wingtips, Toby Singer

Chris McFarland

Since his first release in the late 90’s, Brooklyn by way of Austin-based songwriter Chris McFarland and his “angry folk” style has been a constant force that has consistently earned him notice and praise from his peers and captivated heartsick audiences for more than a decade.

Whether solo, or with backing musicians, the stories in McFarland songs possess an intimate quality that has earned him a place on stages with Neko Case, Bright Eyes, Granddaddy, Rainer Maria, Britt Daniel of Spoon and The Dirty Three just to name a few.

A true road warrior, McFarland can be found crisscrossing the United States several months of the year, wearing down his late-model Martin acoustic with his ceremonial self-eviscerations.

Summer 2012 will see the release of McFarland’s sixth collection of songs, the “Beauty and Undertow” EP on August 21st, the realization of a long-held dream to reunite the members of groundbreaking emo group Rainer Maria for the first time since that band’s break up in late 2006.

“Kyle (Fischer, Rainer Maria guitarist) and I have been best friends for the last 23 years,” says McFarland. Bill (Kuehn,Rainer Maria drummer) has been one of my favorite drummers for many years and Caithlin (De Marrais, Rainer Maria vocalist) was on my last EP. When it came time to plan this new record, I just had to approach them all about being on it with me.”

The new EP is McFarland at his best, pouring out his frustration and anger on one song and waxing poetic on the next. It’s an urgent set of tunes that haunt, haunt, haunt – intense and out on the edge.

“McFarland’s particular talent is to access his anger as a means to exorcise his anger, a process that puts the proverbial silver lining into some of the storm clouds of sound he cranks out,” says

Chris McFarland’s latest EP “Beauty and Undertow” will be released on August 21st via the End Up label. The first single“Wild Abandon” is streaming now.


Distance for Departure (1999)
As If To Lay To Rest (2001)
Three From Given EP (2003)
Given (2004)
The Unraveling EP (2009)
Beauty and Undertow (2012)

The Wingtips

dirty, loose change

Toby Singer

Toby Singer started writing songs on lazy, late-summer days spent on the banks of Lake Michigan. In music school he wrote delicate, acoustic-guitar songs like one of his favorite singers Elliott Smith, complete with self-conscious vocal double tracking--when he was supposed to be studying European art songs. In Charleston, South Carolina, Toby moved into a dilapidated shack of a house downtown that he shared with drug-addled but lovable chefs. When he lived on the beach, he built a studio in the garage, sharing the creative space with cockroaches and sand. Several years later, living in Brooklyn, during a hiatus from the melancholic falsetto of his afro-pop band Go Go Ghost, he returned to the guitar and the quiet, hushed vocals of those summers on Lake Michigan.

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