FABIO GIANNELLI [Get Physical, District Raw, Masion D'Etre], HALO [H-Foundation]

FABIO GIANNELLI [Get Physical, District Raw, Masion D'Etre]

A product of '86, Italian born Fabio Giannelli has spent exactly half his life doing what he does best: making dance floors sweat.

At the age of 13 he entered the music world with his very first turntable and mixer. Since then he has not strayed from the realms of electronic music.

In 2006 he began producing his own tracks. His style has changed significantly since those early ventures into production but Fabio is still proud of his musical routes and the path he began to forge for himself.

Between 2006 and 2009 Fabio passed from electro to techno, via house and tribal and released on labels including: Maschine, Ocean Dark, International Freakshow, Thirtyonetwenty, BangBang!, Supplement Facts. He also developed his taste for touring playing clubs like Rex in Paris, The Egg in London, Studio 80 in Amsterdam.

Between 2009 and 2011 Fabio desired to create a more personal and profound direction. This studio time led to many focused productions and the creation of his own label District Raw.

Emerging from this focus, determination and highly personalised sound Fabio collaborated with Audiofly releasing 'Phat & Floating EP' on their Supernature label, followed by the 'Grenouille EP' on their other imprint Maison D'Etre.

Alongside his multitude of productions he has also remixed many accomplished acts including Re.You for Avotre, Darius Syrossisn for Viva Music and Yakine for Fabio's own imprint - District Raw.

Early 2012 began with the release of 'Mind Blowing EP' on the German label Kindisch. In June, Fabio's track 'Mercury Star' features on Get Physical compilation Full Body Workout Vol.9 with another EP 'Let the Spirit Sing' dropping on July 16th on the esteemed German label. He also features on Steve Lawlers' upcoming Viva Music Warriors Compilation with 'Real'. This will be followed by a new release for Maison D'Etre coming in Autumn with some top secret remixes.

HALO [H-Foundation]

"I have so many musical inspirations that I love," says Halo (born Brian Varga.) For him, creative motivations are found everywhere.

Most successful dance music artists find that their career has them frequently working in all corners of the globe. This has been very much true for Halo - who has DJ'd in places like London, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Tel Aviv and Brazil - however, the place he calls home has seen him live inspired years in Chicago, San Diego and San Francisco.

As a producer, Halo's music always seems to feature equal nods to the robotic and the organic. It's music that points in the direction of where sounds are heading while being rooted in the early dance floor sounds that its maker fell in love with as a teenager. "Being from Chicago, I still love the vintage drum machine sounds mixed with organic rhythms," he says.

Such music, spirit and enthusiasm have earned him a top spot on URB Magazine's Next 100, a nomination for Best DJ in 2003's International Dance Music Awards (IDMAs), two Top 20 finishes in BPM's America's Favorite DJ for 2003 and 2004, and twenty years of making fans.

Halo's produced original works, collaborations, and remixes for labels such as Surface, Supplement Facts. 1Trax, ONE Records, Large, Siesta, Tango, Yoshitoshi, Soma, NRK, Nordic Trax, and Orion Music to name a few. However, before he was able to make a living in dance music, sixteen year-old Brian Varga was tagging his hometown of Chicago with the graffiti artist name "Halo."

Chicago, 1974

Growing up in the birthplace of house music (there's even a street called Frankie Knuckles Way), for Halo, the question wasn't if but when he'd be bitten by the dance music bug. The inevitable happened while still in high school, at a record store called Hip House that would later go on to employ him. He almost had to work there. When long time friend DJ Sneak offered him the job.

While the Windy City has long been thought of as a mafia town, in those days, the bosses of Halo's Chicago were dance music legends Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy. Their late night loft parties were full of defining Chicago house music. Day after day at the record store and weekend after weekend spent under the influence of Frankie and Ron, the foundation was laid on which Halo would build a career.

At Hip House Record store, Halo met a world's worth of visitors from the nightclub industry who were kind enough to listen to his mix tapes, and even kinder to book him to play their parties. He even took another job in music, a three year A&R gig with Moody Records. With the work experience, the musical inspiration, and a growing set of skills, Halo was ready to take the advice given to many Americans before him and "go west, young man." Plus, he knew a tan wouldn't hurt.

San Diego, 2000

Sunny Southern California proved just right for Halo and great friend Hipp-E, with whom he formed H-Foundation in 1999. Together, they DJ'd, made records, and during that time Halo partnered in a Downtown San Diego record store called Siesta (named for the record label Siesta Music).

H Foundation saw releases on labels like SOMA, Siesta, Low Pressing, NRK, Fabric, Yoshitoshi, and Camoflauge. While the pair quickly DJ'd all over, it was a trip to Miami that unlocked a new world. A year into their partnership, while performing at the legendary Winter Music Conference, Halo and Hipp-E were invited to play their first European gig at a new club in London called Fabric.

"It was probably one of the best clubs I've been in," Halo said of that first trip to the UK and of the club that offered him his first foreign residency. The relationship between club and entertainer was quickly fruitful, as H Foundation mixed the seventh CD in the now-long running Fabric mix series. Halo and Hipp-E still play the seminal superclub regularly.

Martin Aquino [Akbal / Highgrade]

Originally hailing from Manila, Philippines and now firmly rooted in San Francisco, Martin Aquino is an exciting new name on the scene who is making waves with his underground, deep tech-house sound. It was in Manila, as a teenager, that Martin first encountered house music and developed his love for the genre. By the age of 17, Martin was regularly playing at renowned venues within the cities of Makati and Manila.

Martin soon found himself traveling back-and-forth between Manila and San Francisco. It was on the US west coast that he became familiar and fascinated with the bay area's brand of deep house. Martin's sound evolved to include this influence which he brought back to the Philippines through his in-demand DJ sets. Soon Martin made the plunge and relocated to San Francisco where he could play, produce, and thrive in the heart of its world famous dance music scene.

Martin's obsession with the music and his sound naturally led to music production. Since 2011, he's already recorded well-received singles for labels like One Records, Akbal, and Fantastic Friends. Martin's production, while riding the border between house and techno, keeps a leg deep in the sound of the underground. He strives for music that is organic and eclectic while still rawly effective in the nightclub.

Dan Suda

Resident DJ for System / Sound Department



Sound Department returns with their 8th and final event for the year. To close out our series for 2013, we bring you one of the most eclectic producers out there and top artist from Get Physical, Fabio Giannelli, and veteran from H-Foundation, Halo Varga.

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