Suicidal Tendencies

Suicidal Tendencies

Judging from their name, Suicidal Tendencies were never afraid of a little controversy. Formed in Venice, CA, during the early '80s, the group's leader from the beginning was outspoken vocalist Mike Muir. The outfit specialized in vicious hardcore early on -- building a huge following among skateboarders, lending a major hand in the creation of skatepunk -- before turning their focus eventually to thrash metal. Early on, the group (whose original lineup included Muir, guitarist Grant Estes, bassist Louiche Mayorga, and drummer Amery Smith) found it increasingly difficult to book shows, due to rumors of its members' affiliation with local gangs and consistent violence at their performances. The underground buzz regarding Suicidal Tendencies grew too loud for labels to ignore though, as the quartet signed on with the indie label Frontier; issuing Muir and company's classic self-titled debut in 1983. The album quickly became the best-selling hardcore album up to that point; its best-known track, "Institutionalized," was one of the first hardcore punk videos to receive substantial airplay on MTV, and was eventually used in the Emilio Estevez cult classic movie Repo Man, as well as in an episode for the hit TV show Miami Vice (for which the group made a cameo appearance).

Muir formed a new version of Suicidal Tendencies in the late '90s (with Clark being the only other familiar face), resulting in such further studio releases as 1999's Freedumb and 2000's Free Your Soul and Save My Mind. Muir and Trujillo joined forces once more for a fourth Infectious Grooves studio release in 2000, Mas Borracho; while another Cyco Miko release surfaced, Schizophrenic Born Again Problem Child, along with a follow-up up to their earlier compilation, Friends & Family, Vol. 2. Now the band will be back with their brand new album for 2009.......

The tireless and tour-hungry hardcore loyalists in LA's TERROR, spearheaded by the endless enthusiasm of frontman Scott Vogel, have earned quite a reputation since forming at the turn of the millennium. Their melding of no-frills breakneck hardcore and the fervor of new generation metal bridges the gap between young and old, and it makes for one hell of a pit no matter what city or stage the band leaves in ruin. Vogel has been a key figure in the scene's survival, having given up a normal home life to slug it out on the road despite broken limbs, slipped discs and everything else that comes with hosting a TERROR show.

Century Media Records has been a long-time admirer of Vogel and the band, and the label is thrilled to now officially welcome them to its increasingly diverse worldwide roster and announce the summer release of TERROR's third full-length, The Damned, The Shamed on June 10th. This vicious slab of brutality was produced by the renowned Zeuss (Hatebreed, Shadows Fall) and is sure to please the band's diehard fanbase, while garnering a new legion of young maniacal supporters. Be sure to stay tuned to to the Terror Myspace Page for a new track, which should be posted in the coming weeks and for their complete tour itinerary.

Vogel further comments on the newly signed deal: ""After a good run with Trustkill and several cool releases TERROR felt it was time for a fresh push and to attack from a whole new angle. We are very pleased to put out our next record with Century Media. We are lucky enough to travel and tour every corner of the earth and CM has a great worldwide presence. Plus, with a back catalogue of Merauder, Shadows Fall and Behemoth, we are in great company."

As synonymous as the band has become with stellar live shows, records like Lowest of the Low, One with the Underdogs and Always the Hard Way have earned TERROR a reputation for consistency. No matter what the circumstances, Vogel has surrounded himself with talent rich in passion. A DIY attitude has often been a common bond between band members, and the current line-up is no exception. New guitarist Martin Stewart made invaluable contributions to the purist, no B.S. approach heard on Donnybrook's Lions In This Game, Doug Weber (guitar) and Nick Jett (drums) have been with the band from the start, and Jonathan Buske (bass) gave Always the Hard Way an effective lumbering beat.

If anything, TERROR's goal is to bring back the good natured release of circle pits and stage dives as well as the finger-pointing anthems that were once integral to the hardcore scene. In its infancy, the band represented everything overzealous bouncers hated, and Vogel encouraging the crowd to "elevate the maximum stagedive potential" didn't always sit well with the LA venues they packed with sweaty kids fed-up with aimless music. Nonetheless, thanks to word of mouth and the strength of songs like "Keep Your Distance" and "What Have We Done," the band soon found itself touring partners with everyone from As I Lay Dying to Hatebreed, amongst a slew of others. It is this drive and desire that has cemented TERROR into the hearts of music fans worldwide and made them royalty within the touring front. The fact that they're direct support to the reunited Earth Crisis right now speaks volumes. Time off for TERROR is considered time away from their hardcore family across the globe, something that they cannot live without, so rest assured, the years to come hold many more releases and live appearances worldwide.

Rest assured that, The Damned, The Shamed is the definitive hardcore album of 2008. Consider this your only warning.

Trash Talk is an American hardcore punk band hailing from Sacramento, California, formed in 2005. Trash Talk combines modern hardcore and thrash with the aggression of its descendants, creating a sound that is at once exciting, unrelenting and entirely fresh.

The Inspector Cluzo

After 490 shows in 25 countries, and 50.000 records sold all over the world within 3 years, the funk'n'roll french duo The Inspector Cluzo will do his first 25 gigs US tour all around the country!

Three years ago, the former guitarist and drummer of the deadly funk band Wolfunkind decide to start a new project together. Their fucking bass player never shows up at the practice, so they said "fuck the bass player" and start the band as an original funk'n'roll duo, playing rock and groovy music... without a bass. Their old mate Angelo Moore from Fishbone found the first name of the band, "Pink Panther", but they were affraid of legal issues and prefer to be called The Inspector Cluzo, one of the most well-know french caracter in the world. Then came a first LP, "The Inspector Cluzo", recorded and mixed by Stephan Kraemer (Yann Tiersen...) in Belgium. They don't know yet that they will sell 20.000 copies of this album all around the world, touring everywhere in 2009 and playing at the most prestigious festivals (Fuji Rock in Japan, Pentaport in South Korea, Springscream in Taïwan, The Falls and Southbound in Australia, Azkena Festival in Spain, Eurockéeenes in France, Pohoda in Slovakia, Rock For People in Czech Rep...). For a lot of promoters , they're simply one of the best international live act of the year, doing crazy shows, smashing drums randomly and having some "tumades" (1) with some frustrated technicians.

Back in France, they record their second album in Malcom's kitchen (renamed Studio Kitchen), nothing has changed… and everything has changed. Recorded between a good bottle of wine and delicious duck breast by the band himself (and mixed again by Stephan Kraemer), this record is richer than everything they did before (like if they learned a lot of their travels all around the planet), including a beautiful handmade package which reminds us that The Inspector Cluzo is a really indie band. Actually, they do everything by themselves, management, label, booking... trough their own compagny Ter a Terre. Helped by their old mate Angelo Moore (who make a very special spoken word at the end of this album) and the horns of french band Ceux Qui Marchen Debout , the funkiest rock duo of the world (or is it the opposite?) has just delivered a great record, more successful than ever and more sticking to what they used to do on stage, powerful and exciting. This is rock. "Heart and Soul rock".

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