The Walkaways

Based in metro D.C., The Walkaways are an original band that infuses tasteful hooks with a unique blend of country, blues, pop, and roots rock. With distinct traces of Wilco, Ryan Adams, Springsteen, and Old 97's, on "Fifty Left to Burn" (c. 2008), The Walkaways create a magnetic alt-country debut CD that combines powerful roots influences with modern rock textures.

Round About

"Round About's music is quirky, literate upbeat rock. Part guitar hero, part singer/songwriter, and part heavy groove, the words actually mean something and the melodies sound like a familiar friend, creating a unique yet accessible sound. Sometimes funky, sometimes rocking, sometime jazzy, sometimes even a little twangy, Round About blends the styles and skills of its members to create a sound that's definitely a sum greater than its parts. Their debut album "Hanging By A Thread" was released in 2012.



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