The Elk-Tones Reunion, Coffin Fly, Tin Can Ramblers

The Elk-Tones Reunion

The Elk-Tones are an instrumental band from Newark. Members are Tom Dougherty, Jacque (Jaq) Varsalona, Adam Beck, and Jeff “Noodles” Green. According to Jaq, The Elk-Tones formed their band because there was a creative, unique sound missing in today's music scene. They decided to provide this, and for the last four years, they've been touring and playing local venues, such as the East End Cafe on Main Street, Newark, DE. As a kid, Jaq listened to bands like the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, U2, and the Who. Bands like Los Straitjackets, Dink Dale, and Link Wray have inspired them to create the kind of music that they write and play. The Elk-Tones have been on two major tours, their favorite being with Southern Records. The band they most like touring/playing with would be Los Straitjackets. Jaq says that the hardest aspect of being in a band is staying creative, putting your style into each song but making each one individual.

The Elk-Tones had set up a show called Knopkafest, a benefit concert to support the Knopka Guitar Shop in Elkton, MD that had burned down to the ground due to faulty electrical wiring. They decided to help this shop that was about to close down just to give back to the community after all the support the community had given to them. They also participated in the Hometown Heroes Relief project, to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina. Everyone was talking about general help, said Jaq, and The Elk-Tones wanted to do their part.

After four years of songwriting and touring, The Elk-Tones disbanded in September 2006. Jaq says that the band had accomplished everything they wanted to, except for world domination. Her post-breakup plans include songwriting by herself and inviting the other band members to play with her.

Coffin Fly

"Coffin Fly is an Archie comic that somebody spit in..."-Rick (guy we met at a show)
Coffin Fly are three hungry creatures that invites humans to shows so that Coffin Fly may eat.
Coffin Fly would enjoy it if the human race continues to do what it does best: EAT. BREED. OBEY.
This will satisfy Coffin Fly.

Tin Can Ramblers

A fresh take on good old fashioned rockabilly.

George M Murphy, "2-N" Kenn Koubek, Will Donnelly and a revolving band of scoundrels.



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