Soulful, dynamic, inspirational, honest….emotions that soul/rock singer-songwriter Al’Michael evokes with his music. He strives to make music that is timeless and meaningful, influenced by some of the greatest...The Beatles, Donnie Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson.With an innate passion for music that began with singing in church at a young age, Al’Michael grew up in Missouri, performing in local talent shows and as a teenager touring the Midwest with pop/R&B groups that opened for Chris Brown, Bow Wow, Chingy etc.Singing, songwriting and performing quickly became a passion to which he dedicated most of his time while growing up. Struggling with a learning disability in school, Al'Michael found music to be his main driver of confidence and success. During his high school years, Al'Michael also excelled in athletics as a star basketball player, but ultimately had to choose between sports and music. His heart was set on pursuing a career as a performing artist. Throughout his teenage years, Al’Michael often travelled to St. Louis after school for contests and auditions, where he was introduced to other local talent. He was part of several pop/R&B groups for the next few years. During that time Al’Michael endured his most challenging times, not having any money, sleeping in cars, moving around between places, and dealing with corruptive music industry people who promised him the world. In 2012 he took matters into his own hands and moved to LA to embark on his journey of building a solo career and writing his debut album “Head vs Heart”. It’s a personal and inspirational body of work that incorporates richly melodic, heartfelt soul-pop songs, blending elements of soul, pop, rock and live instrumentation. His songs tell a story of self-discovery, life, love, struggles, hope and exposes the demons that we all face within us. Within just a few months his cover songs and originals have garnered over 1 million views on YouTube, several features on the top music blogs, while his fan base is steadily growing. As he continues to release music online he also now performs regularly with his dynamic band at LA’s most iconic venues. A big voice and true artist on the rise, one expected to make big waves in the near future!

Bryce Vine

Singer/rapper Bryce Vine was born in New York City. He spent his childhood there in a humble apartment with his single mother. Just after his tenth birthday she moved them both to Los Angeles while she was looking for work as an actress - eventually landing a lead role on the daytime drama series, Passions. Bryce found his natural talent and love of music and entertainment at a very young
age through his close relationship with her, spending time on set and helping her rehearse scenes. In Junior High, Bryce continued to develop his voice and love for music when he discovered 90's R&B when he used to visit his father. As a result, he convinced his mother to buy a guitar for him and he started developing his own sound at age thirteen.
Bryce was continuing to focus on development at an early age when disaster struck; while on vacation at age 16, he slipped and broke his neck. The experience simultaneously humbled him and inspired him; while lucky enough to experience a full recovery, he threw himself into music, which eventually resulted in a scholarship to Berklee College of Music.
It was at Berklee where Bryce met his producer and music soul mate Nolan Lambroza (The Messengers). Together, the two of them began churning out music and working towards the common goal of creating a new sound triumphed by a cutting edge new artist. ! Bryce’s sound is a blend of singable radio friendly pop and laid back, in-the-cut hip-hop; A California brand of positivity mixed with the mantra, “You only live once.”

EQ Live

Every now and then, and far in between, there arises an artist that takes the world by storm. You know them when you see and hear them. They seem to take your breath away. The very sight of them leaves you speechless. And when you see them in living color you are left in total awe! That’s the very essence of EQ Live.
The Buzz
The Streets are Talking and they are asking is this the New Super Group/Game Changers Following in footsteps of other Great Pop/Urban/World music stars like the Black Eyed Peas, Backstreet Boys, Chris Brown, Katy Perry and Drake? The answer is Yessir!
The Genre
EQ Live is a Pop/Urban/World Group. Their music blends youthful flavor with culture and is the sound of a generation that is bringing the world together.
The Beginning
As with any superstar, the music was in their hearts since before they can remember. It took root and sprung forth and gave birth to EQ Live. EQ live consists of the three BAD Boys of Pop/Urban/World music. They are Chad Moore - aka Bad Boy Baby C (Rapper); Ryan Moore – aka Nino, aka Rico, aka Shorty Q (Lead Singer); and Jarret Ballard – aka Prince Avian (Co-Lead singer) . Now in their early 20’s; they started as 10 year old Shorty Q and 12 year old Baby Chad. There was also a cousin of theirs sitting around the radio in the living room rapping and harmonizing; then came the Prince himself. They took their city by storm winning talent competitions all over and Chicago’s city wide contest itself taking 1st place and performing at venues all over the city. Through their teen years EQ Live perfected their performance skills and opened up and performed with music greats such as Cobra Star Ship, R Kelly, Lupe Fiasco, Katy Perry, Whiz Khalifa, etc.
The Present/Future
EQ is now ready to go LIVE. They’ve up their game. The music is main stream and hotter than ever. You can look forward to seeing them everywhere in a city near you. They are on top their music game right now. EQ Live is also writing for some of the biggest names in game. But what you need to know is that EQ live will be dropping their first single and video entitled “Rosa Parks/Party Bus” late summer/early fall. Keep your eyes and ear open...More to come!



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