Clamfight is 4 childhood friends who have been playing music together in one form or another since 1996. We write songs about fishing, the sea, monsters, history, and of course, long lost girlfriends who have wronged us and we miss so...if you were intrigued by the girlfriend songs, then keep looking for another band, Clamfight is not for you. We are a serious, hairy-chested band. You know we mean business because Andy yells a lot. If you like what you hear, please download a song, buy a shirt, or at least leave a comment. If you don't like what you hear, we really don't care because we're going to keep playing heavy songs about rogue waves and bluefish because we enjoy it.

Wizard Eye

Named after a never-ending storm on the surface of Neptune and inspired by a love of rock, metal, psychedelia, doom and riffs, the Philadelphia-based band formed in late 2007. The group proceeded to write songs, play shows and go through changes. The trio presently comprises three like-minded brethren with two decades of music under their collective belts. Erik sings, plays guitar and occasionally works a theremin. Dave sings and plays bass. Scott plays drums.

Screaming Rattler

Southern kissed rock AND roll done the heavy way from Philadelphia.



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