Rosu Lup, Our Griffins, & Ron Gallo

Rosu Lup

Rosu Lup is a folk/indie quartet from the Philadelphia suburbs. The band started working on a small collection of recordings in the fall of 2012, the bulk of the tracks were recorded in the confines of a second story apartment in the suburbs. These recordings were heavily influenced by nature, relationships and hope. In November the Woodland EP was released on Bandcamp, while a small number of hardcopies were created to give out to friends and family.

While the rich harmonies and warm guitar tones have listeners likening them to other flannel wearing, bearded, acoustic guitar toting folk musicians- there's an undeniable difference in the writing style and honest lyrical approach Rosu Lup takes.

Having begun to play several shows since the release of Woodland, the band has successfully developed a live set that's as grand as the snow-capped mountains they sing about. With plans to head into Miner Street Recordings in Fishtown later this month to record their second EP, their goal is to play extensively throughout the year, while writing and recording new music as they go.

Our Griffins

At a recent performance, DJ Brown, aka Our Griffins, quietly spoke to the audience saying, "I'm only talking as a favor to my friends." It was nice to hear the twenty year old singer/songwriter speak, but there really was no need. The delicate turn of phrase, and ringing chords of his songs, already had his listeners in a temporary state of receptive grace.

Ron Gallo

Ron Gallo (of Philadelphia's own Toy Soldiers) invites/forces friends and fellow musicians he's met along the way to be apart of a monthly variety show full of music, wild antics, odd collaborations, comedy, tributes to favorite artists and more in a good time, laid back setting.

3 is such a magical number. It's the first odd prime number, it's how many strikes you get in baseball, it's the amount of meals perfect people eat a day, it's a triangle, it's McDonald's, it's three unicycles, Jesus' favorite number, it's how many dollars I have at all times in my bank account, it's half a six pack, it follows 2 and comes before 4 and it's also what's going DOWN at Ortlieb's.

Ron Gallo III presents....3 comedians & 3 musicians for $3!

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