Armed with a modest collection of recording gear and a brand new perspective, Vanaprasta has spent the last year in their own studio in Echo Park writing, recording, and refining their second LP. The band decided to undertake the entirety of the recording process under their own control by producing, engineering, and mixing the album themselves.

On these songs, Vanaprasta decided to pit the mechanical up against the organic; they experimented with newer digital and analog technology that allowed them to create machine-like grooves while keeping space for the guitars and melodies to call and respond with each other. Vanaprasta mixed the songs by doing live performance mixes on their console, with each band member mixing each of his instruments simultaneously.

The band has slowly been unveiling new material with one-offs over the fall, but they will be touring throughout 2014, starting with a January residency at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles.

Rainbow Jackson

Rainbow Jackson is a 4-piece rock and roll band that likes to have a good time having a good time. They formed in Los Angeles in the summer of 2010 by Chad Carlisle, Sam Dagger, Laith Tahoe, and The Andy Christ. After playing a number of cop riddled house parties, the boys made a name for themselves by getting a little rowdy and having a lot of fun. Rainbow Jackson is gearing up to release a 6 song EP near the end of 2011.

Beat Club is a Los Angeles based band consisting of Jeff Kite (keyboards/vocals), Jon Pancoast (bass), and Anthony Polcino (guitars/vocals).

The music draws from an eclectic palette of influences ranging everywhere from hip-hop to punk rock to world-dance. Armed with an arsenal of songs often driven by searing, rhythmic guitars, funky Afrobeat bass lines and vintage synthesizers, layered over a booming blend of acoustic and electronic beats, Beat Club has become a fresh and unmistakeable musical collective.

Most of 2012 was spent writing and recording material as well as playing a slew of boisterous shows in the Los Angeles area.

The debut release from Beat Club is due in early 2013 via Pulse Code Modulations/Boombox (Mom + Pop Music).

Maxim Ludwig

After recording "Multitudes", 24 year-old Los Angeles singer-songwriter/guitarist Maxim Ludwig recruited Ben Reddell (bass, vocals), Tyler Cash (keyboards, vocals), Casey Baird (drums), and Will Walden (guitars, vocals). Ludwig’s intense stage performances and passionately crafted underdog songs are anchored by the barreling, equally R&B/AOR inspired bass playing of Reddell and the minimalism of Baird, balanced with Walden’s cavernous guitar and Cash’s melodic keyboards.

With dense, propulsive arrangements and tenaciously street-smart songwriting, Ludwig combines elements of heartland rock, art rock, punk, Americana, Brill Building pop, Krautrock, and soul to make what they call post-roots. August Brown from the LA Times writes that Ludwig has "figured out that nothing evokes recession-era manly desperation like a squall from a red-lining Telecaster run through a hornets’ nest of pedals...If rock ’n’ roll is dead, [Ludwig] has as good a chance of shocking it back to life."

The anthemic EP “Multitudes” (available FREE to download thru on October 29th) was produced and engineered by Adam Gunther (Harriet) and also features Matt Bernstein on guitar (Wet Leather, formerly of Flora and Fauna), Alex Casnoff on keyboards (Harriet, formerly of Dawes, Papa), Sean O’Brien on lap steel (Papa), Mike Moonves (Busy Living, formerly of Chief), and Caitlin Rose.

Free - Mondays in January



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