Obits, Lame Drivers, Family Curse

Featuring Rick Froberg from Drive Like Jehu / Hot Snakes and members of Edsel. A little like an older wiser Hot Snakes maybe. Where the Hot Snakes were all pent up aggression, and wild thrashing garage stomp, Obits traffic in something much more measured, but no less rocking. Still garage-y and super stomping, but tighter, more varied. Froberg sings as much as he howls and wails, the guitars here don't just crash and clang, they shimmer and twang. There's definitely a surf element; the drums crisp and tight, the guitars spidery, and crystalline more than crunchy and heavy. Sub Pop Records.

Lame Drivers

"Brazen Basement Rock" -SPIN

"power pop is their natural fighting wait, they'll weird it up!" -Thurston Hunger, KFJC

"crunchy, snotty" -CMJ

"Brooklyn Power-Pop Kings: Some of the best power-pop this side of 1976" -East Village Radio

"like the Buzzcocks getting a reacharound from the Descendents" -Catbirdseat

"It’s almost as if they came along ten years too late. I can only imagine that if this were 1995 they’d have a pretty big record deal and be getting interviewed by Matt Pinfield on MTV. But they’re not." -New York Rock Market

“Filled with hooks, it’s got a punk influence, power-pop influence, indie rock, psychedelic, all my favorite rock elements“ -Terre T / WFMU

"This Lame Drivers song will make you feel better about life." -Jon Solomon, WPRB

"the bright hooks and aching Twilley-esque gut-punch of 'Other Side' and Embarrassment-like rattle of 'Frozen Egg' [...] put rock music back in the hands of the feeble hopefuls" -Doug Mosurock, Dusted Magazine's Still Single

The 27-track sampler "Cruisin' Classics 2003-2010" has been downloaded 10,000+ times.

The Flexi-Book EP avail June 18th, distributed by Sleeping Giant Glossolalia

Lame Drivers are currently recording their next three albums.

Family Curse

Hypnotic art-punk. Psychedelic without being “psych.” Throbbing rhythms. Can a melody be “brutal?” Doom Pop at its finest. Songs about decay, the Old World, war, disease, love and murder. Family Curse leave the beachheads in the sun, content to bask in their own mundane existence. Family Curse believes in the power of the song, that there is still meaning and worth left in metaphor, melody, and message. Family Curse places their trust in the intrinsic mystery of the unseen world. In the shadows, that is where the quest for answers must begin.
But it’s not all enigmatic, arcane subjects for Family Curse. Sometimes going straight for the jugular is the only option. On their new split single with LA’s White Murder, Family Curse do just that. A raging screed set to a frenetic punk attack, “Middle Age America” is Family Curse at their most hardcore. Elements of the righteous fury of the Adolescents melds into the moody resignation of vintage Wipers (after all, one day the Youth of America will find themselves all grown up). A relentless chorus is framed by the blazing verses, guitars showering the proceedings in glowing embers; heat personified. There is a palpable sense of friction here; between the band members, between the generations, between your reality versus their reality. War all the time? Arm yourself with this deadly platter, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll make it through unscathed.

$12.00 - $14.00


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