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Mephiskapheles are back in red and black for 2013. The band who invented the devilish, whimsical MTV- and radio-friendly genre of Satanic Ska, then defied critics by exploring even greater possibilities for their darkly original ska fusion, have reunited, with a new tour and new album in the works.

Formed in the East Village of New York City in early 1991 by a group of artists, ad-agency employees, and jazz musicians, Mephiskapheles played their first show on Long Island, and from day one began attracting a diverse, dedicated fan base.

Flash-forward to today; and with Satanic Ska being, without a doubt, the genre of music most relevant to our current times. Mephiskapheles are picking up where they left off, with a reissue program with Jump Up Records, a focused performance schedule, and a new Mephiskapheles album slated for 2014.

Flip Ya For Real

Before you ever heard of Streetlight Manifesto, before Reel Big Fish was on the radio, before Big D and the Kids Table had only 1 singer, before Sgt. Scagnetti had a fog machine, before the Tune Inn closed down and burned down: there was Flip Ya For Real. A six member ska-punk-rap-hardcore-metal-rock mash-up.

In their time together Flip Ya For Real released an 8 song demo(self titled), a split CD(Friends forever), and a full length(pinata). They toured the east coast, played Warped tour (back when it was good), and helped hold together the Ct. Ska scene when just about every other type of music was more popular.

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Inspecter 7

Inspecter 7 was formed in New Brunswick, NJ in 1992, during the "Ice Age" of New Jersey Ska. Fed up with the lack of Ska bands and Ska shows in the area, a rag tag group of local Skins, Mods, and others from the underground scene decided to make their own damn Ska band...and their own damned Ska shows. Originally dubbed "Agent 86", the band had their debut performance at The Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ. For the next year or so they continued to play watering holes and basement parties in Central Jersey going through line up changes and name changes ("The CrashBars" in 1993) along the way. At the tail end of 1993, inspired by an inspection tag found in a pair of frontman Giuseppe Mancini's Levi's, the band was renamed Inspecter 7.

In 1994, I7 kicked in the door of the NYC Ska scene with their appearance at the 2 night sold-out underground music festival known as "Oi!/Skampilation", which was recorded for a compilation CD released later that year. From then on they formed relationships with NYC and NJ's hard working Oi!, Punk and Ska bands playing for and with the Skinhead & Punk underground when most other Ska bands were abandoning it. They continued playing for and with the people who supported them from the start, even as Ska began to mainstream in the mid-90s.

After releasing a 7-inch on Moon Ska NYC and appearing on several compilation albums, I7 released their first full length CD entitled "The Infamous" in 1997. i7 toured nationally numerous times in support of "The Infamous" as well as in support of their second full length CD "Banished To Bogeyland" which was released in 1999. As the Ska flame began to flutter towards the beginning of the new millennium and the main stream crowd lost it's interest in the underground flavor-of-the-decade, Inspecter 7 continued playing, albeit with far less frequency and span than they were accustomed to. They continued on a subdued live schedule through the 2000's but also slowly began piecing together another full length album which was completed in 2012. In 2013, on the heels of completing and releasing their 3rd full length CD, "Escapes And Illusions", on Little Dickman Records, and with a fresh new line up, they returned full force and full time to bring their own unique brand of Ska to the world.
So stay tuned and prepare... Inspecter 7 is coming your way.

The Hempsteadys

It is not everyday that a band releases a concept album as their debut full length, but The Hempsteadys are anything but conventional. The 11-piece from New London, Connecticut melds the traditional sounds of late ‘60s Jamaica, Motown and early British punk with the modern soul of Daptone Records and reggae rhythms of contemporaries such as The Aggrolites and The Slackers.

El Amor De Los Muertos is a rock(steady) opera about forbidden love with classic movie monsters as the cast of characters. Think of The Specials’ “Ghost Town” with the subject being more literal-than-symbolic and the music having a similar sound. This album has been four years in the making, as hinted at in the title of the song “Teen Wolf 2012,” which was the first song written for it. In those four years, the band has honed its incredible live set around the northeast.

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