Buster Blue

Buster Blue

It's been said that everything musical has been done before, but Buster Blue has found a place inhabited only by their own off-kilter creation. The six members utilize an arsenal of instruments that include horns, banjo, accordion, chains, and a well placed bucket. Their intention to revisit the American musical roots tradition may have much to do with their upbringing in the small town of Gardnerville, Nevada. Buster Blue's musical educations range from one member being drum major of the high school band to another being a screamer in a hardcore group. Their diverse backgrounds and upbringings help give color to their music, as well as make it difficult to pigeonhole them to a genre.

Buster Blue brings more than music to the stage. Consummate performers, they bring theatrics to their live sets that meld seamlessly to the emotional arc of each of their songs. At times a raucous bar band and at other times a bit musical theater. Anyone attending a live show will surely be taken on one hell of a ride!

In January of 2010, Buster Blue set out to record their first full-length album, "When the Silver's Gone" at Piper's Opera House in Virginia City, Nevada. The historic ghost town's opera house once hosted performers such as John Barrymore, Harry Houdini, and Al Jolson. The Silver rush era Opera House seemed the ideal setting to capture the emotional depth of that particular set of songs. Produced by Zak Girdis and Kevin Bosley, "When the Silver's Gone" may very well be one of the most ambitious records released in recent years.

Ghost Town Gospel

Hailing from the fabled Ghost Town District of Oakland, California, Ghost Town Gospel brings a distinctly Bay Area sound to their brand of American folk.

Cast: (in order of appearance)

Tyler- Multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer, he immigrated to the bay from Arizona after spending 7 years between running a record label/recording studio, playing in various bands, and working night shift at the local jail. He was inspired to assemble an acoustic act because "moving drums sucks".

Josh: The writer of the bulk of GTG's material, he shreds vocal chords and guitars with utter disregard for the safety of himself and others. Graduating with a degree in music from Sonoma State, he has played in many bands and can also be caught smashing his frankenstein Fender in DeathRay. He is also an avid outdoorsman and survivalist.

Miss Roach: Picked up an accordion in 2010 when she convinced all her friends to go "Irish Caroling". She co-leads the weekly musical community meetup Jerk Church in Oakland. A veteran of the punk and theatre scenes, Roachie's just here for the cookies. She also sometimes plays banjolele.

Dillie- Our new viola player is a Ghost Town native who's been playing since she was old enough to hold an instrument.

David- Our new banjo player hails from Eugene, OR where he's a "pretty big deal". Slightly famous in Pisco, Peru he's been playing guitar for 15 years and recently adopted the banjo.

Alumni Members:

Jutta- From the hills of Ukiah, raised by gypsies in Mendocino, and with a heart that longs for New Orleans, her fervent vocals and haunting violin may conjure visions of a raucous vaudeville cabaret or of a down-home porch on the bayou. She has a lengthy and diverse musical background and can be seen performing with various artists throughout the bay area.

Kevin: Our banjo player from May 2012 to February 2013, Kevin is a a tenured bluegrass guitar player and recent Bay Area transplant, originally from Chicago.

Ethan- Son of one the bay area's foremost jazz bass performers, he was shredding the upright before he could legally drive. Aside from being a general bad mofo, he's also a competitive downhill mountain biker sponsored by Red Bull. He will attend Chico State's recording program in the fall on scholarship.

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