Those Who Fear

Those Who Fear

Born and raised in the Pennsylvania Rust Belt, Those Who Fear are coming out swinging with the blue collar work ethic of their hometown, Pittsburgh, PA staunchly ingrained in them. Their brand of east coast hardcore comes at you like a wall of sound, and Those Who Fear make no apologies for the message behind the music. "The power behind our message is our main drive. Without that we'd be just another band."

Those Who Fear self-released an EP in 2011 and hit the road hard, touring all over the US. Now the band finds themselves exploring the darker side of faith and ideology, writing and recording their debut full length Unholy Anger. This newest effort was recorded with Josh Schroeder at Random Awesome Studios (A Plea For Purging, The Burial). "Having worked with Josh on the Legacy EP, he knows how we work and really pushed us to get the best record we could in the time we had. Long 10 hour days, but we all believe it was well worth it."

Those Who Fear will release Unholy Anger with Facedown Records on February 5, 2013.

Arcane Haven

Arcane Haven is a metal band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Founded in early 2009 the band currently consists of vocalist Danny Roble (since 2009), guitarist/vocalist Brad Brunazzi (since 2009), guitarist Steve Riffe (since 2010), drummer Arnie Hullenbaugh (since 2009), and bassist Mike Steinmiller (since 2012). The band released an EP titled "Alignment" in January of 2011, which featured material that was written before the band's conception. Arcane Haven has completed tracking of a new EP, which will be released in summer 2013.



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