UFO, with Firstryke

Nothing would be easier for British rock legends UFO than to rest on their laurels. The band could easily release the occasional best-of album to earn a few additional royalties and otherwise content themselves with looking back at their exceptionally glorious past. And it certainly wouldn't be a problem for UFO to sell out tours on the strength of their legendary name with a great hoopla and low artistic values. But idleness or indeed a musical standstill have always been out of the question for Phil Mogg, Paul Raymond, Andy Parker, and Vinnie Moore. These in equal measures experienced and ambitious musicians are interested in the present, their love of creativity and the active continuation of their celebrated band history. And now we can look forward to Seven Deadly, the band's latest studio album which combines present and future with UFO's greatest fortes. Mogg, Raymond, Parker and Moore are release twelve brand-new songs on Steamhammer/SPV in Germany on 24 February 2012 (Europe: 27 February, USA/Canada: 28 February), featuring – without going into great detail at this point – some of the strongest compositions this band has ever recorded.

What is this bold thesis based on – in view of the countless classics the band has produced throughout its history? Not only on the fact that UFO have that perfect mix of talent, charisma and experience, but also on each individual band member, who currently all seem to be bursting with a zest for action and a wealth of ideas. Seven Deadly is an atmospherically dense fabric consisting of classy guitars, tight rock grooves and vocals which are unique to UFO. So it's no wonder that sound engineer Tommy Newton, in whose Area 51 studio in Celle, Germany, the new tracks were recorded, commented: "I've never heard a better Phil Mogg!"

The UFO frontman's thoroughly impressive vocal performance goes hand in hand with the awesome compositions on Seven Deadly. The classic rock of 'Burn Your House Down' features all the important UFO strengths, 'Mojo Town' sees the musicians sound tougher than ever, and 'Year Of The Gun' features a pointed reference to UFO's early days. 'Angel Station' sees the band prove how classic rock music is complemented perfectly with epic elements, while 'Fight Night' is an excellent track to be performed in a live context. There's no need to draw attention to the technical skills of original UFO members Paul Raymond and Andy Parker, their music sounding inspired and faultless at the same time. Having said that, Vinnie Moore's exceptional guitar style deserves to be explicitly mentioned. The American musician not only lends the songs expression and power with his haunting licks and dynamic riffs, but also contributes solos on Seven Deadly which can only be described as absolute world class.

with Firstryke

FIRSTRYKE originally formed in 1984 when two of Tulsa OKs best bands, Slayer and Lazarus combined forces into one band and they immediately knew they had something special. They began to tour non-stop, playing clubs throughout the Midwest, always leaning more towards their original music than the covers they had to play to do the club scene. Their sets gradually began to fill up with their own mus
ic and when they had enough to do an album, the band came off the road to record "Just A Nightmare".
It was on the strength of the album, and their live show that Firstryke began sharing the bill with national touring acts such as Metallica, Dokken, Stryper, Kings X, etc, the members of the band went their separate ways in in the 90's to pursue other projects, but they all remained close friends.
In 2009 Firstryke signed a deal with Sam McCaslin of Retrospect Records to re-issue "Just A Nightmare" on CD, Sam asked the band to reform and play that years Rocklahoma, which they did. The warm up shows were all sold out affairs, and the Rocklahoma shows went so well that the band decided to keep right on going, and have played Rocklahoma every year since their reformation!
Firstryke has a unique sound, with the raw, powerful vocals of Ric Adams, stinging leads & crunching rhythms of Jim Rutledge along with the tight, grooving rhythm section of drummer Mike DePetrillo & bassist Bryan Wallace combine to bring a heavy, melodic feel to their music.

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