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Dresses is Timothy Heller and Jared Ryan Maldonado--a folk band from Portland, OR with a knack for pop songcraft.

After spending several years on the road singer/songwriter Casey Burge retreated from music to work on farms in the east and west of the country. He returned to his hometown of Kansas City at the end of 2010 to pursue his new band Minden. He recruited longtime friends and musical veterans Ryan Johnson (drums), Evan Houston (bass), and James Taylor (guitar) to help him realize his swollen catalog of songs. Minden quickly worked out a set and began booking performances immediately. Existing outside of fresh and cleverly-named genres, Minden plays pop music, the classic art of creating songs that are interesting and relatable.

During a fertile two-week period in February 2011, Burge wrote and recorded demos for several new songs. Two songs from these sessions were brought into the studio with the full-band in March, resulting in a forthcoming 7" single on hometown label The Record Machine. As of April the band has only played a hand full of shows but has already shared the stage with the likes of Appleseed Cast, A Lull, The Casket Lottery, Bird's and Batteries, Pepper Rabbit, and played as part of Middle of the Map Fest. With the release of their debut 7" Minden plans to hit the ground running and will be on tour regionally this summer.


ALAMEDA is the new Portland-based three piece outfit founded by singer/guitarist Stirling Myles and cellist Jessie Dettwiler, joined by orchestra Clarinetist, Jennifer Woodall. Compared to the baroque pop of Nick Drake and the slow-core dream pop of early Low, ALAMEDA blends orchestral arrangements with modern instrumentation, thus blurring the lines of genres and moods and offering a lush backdrop for Myles' folk-inspired songs. ALAMEDA contains members of AgesandAges, Autopilot is for Lovers, and The Portland Symphony and collaborative members of Horse Feathers and Builders & The Butchers"

Bike Thief

Sara Jackson-Holman

Sara Jackson-Holman, a Portland Oregon native, was raised in the quiet town of Bend, Oregon. Her voice smoky and warm, she sings of the things that fill her head: dreams, the sea and sky and trees, belonging and loneliness and love, longing and forgetting and remembering.

Her songs are haunted by the unexpected fusion of the classically influenced piano, wistful strings, strange harmonies, and pop bent.

She released her debut album, When You Dream in May of 2010. She has since opened for Portland acts Blind Pilot and Horse Feathers, and played at MusicFestNW. Her song "Into the Blue" was on the season finale of ABC show Castle's season finale.

The moment her seven-year-old fingers touched the keys of her family's tired and old spinet piano, she fell in love with music. Her early inspirations included composers such as Chopin, Scarlatti, Beethoven, Soler, Schumann, and Bach, and their passion and ability to connect with their audience generation after generation. Performing at countless recitals and competitions, she became a fine classical pianist. From an early age, Jackson-Holman was also in love with reading, beautiful words, good literature, metaphors, and poetry. And ever since she could speak, she loved to sing. In the March of 2008, she began to reconcile her love of piano, poetry, singing, and pop music, and became fascinated with this medium of communication that so happily married her favorite passions.


David Klein and Nick Woolley formed the musical/video duo called Billygoat. "Space according to Billygoat is full of heavily allegorical (and often psychedelic) dream-like landscapes populated by spinning mushrooms, dancing figures, burning angels, cosmic horses and giant golden hands. The accompanying music is appropriately dreamy, and formless enough that it never distracts from, but only enhances it's gorgeous visual centerpiece. Accordingly, Kline and Woolley are anti-performers, as they sit to the sides in the dark, calmly gliding a violin bow over the strings of an electric bass, or plucking a handmade harp. Sequencers, loops and synthesizers do the rest. As you get sucked further and further in, you forget that you're hearing a live musical performance at all, and become totally engrossed in the visual storytelling of the video. And what a barrage of stories!"

The Lower 48

Sarah! Ben! Nick!
Born and partly raised in your backyard, comes the highly mysterious pop outfit named The Lower 48! Hailing from 3 major cities this 3-piece brings new life to the best decade since music. A turn of events and a twist of fate dropped these kids on Portland's doorstep in the summer of 2011. Vintage rhythm, bass, and catchy vocals being the only home the vagabonds knew, it was a smooth transition to the West for these operators. Between making audiences twist and shout, wearing ties, and a boatload of recording, the band looks ahead to an exciting 2013.



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