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Romance Mechanics

Monaghans Dixon

Monaghans Dixon formed in August of 2012 consisting of Cody Kellogg and Max Smith. The idea was to create a sound that would set them apart from the rest, while bringing a wealth of originality to the rock genre, which is moderately difficult to accomplish these days. The band went through a few internal adjustments before finalizing its lineup to date: Cody Kellogg, Max Smith, Andrew Dame, Clayton Birtcher, and Corey Goldman. MD found Andrew through a good friend in the summer of 2013, and Clayton through an online website for musicians looking for bands. As of April 2015, Monaghans Dixon added a fifth member to the band; bassist, Corey Goldman, a mutual friend of Cody's through a guitar class at ASU. The talent, passion, dedication, and creativity that exists between the members of the band not only showcases their individual abilities as musicians, but also brings a new sound and ideas to heightened levels as a single unit.

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