Preservation Hall Jazz Band with special guest John Oates: A Benefit for The Preservation Hall Music Outreach Program

John Oates an American rock, R&B and soul guitarist, musician, songwriter and produceris no stranger to success. Since the formation of his partnership in the early 70's with Daryl Hall, Hall & Oates have gone on to record 21 albums which have sold over 80 million units making them the most successful duo in rock history. They have scored 10 number one records, over 20 top 40 hits and have toured the world for decades.

"People who don't really know anything about me think I was born with a mustache and came out of the womb singing 'Maneater,' and then I started hanging out with this tall blond guy," he says with a laugh. "They think that's my whole life, but I was playing guitar for 12 years before I met Daryl [Hall]. I was playing and performing and doing this folk-blues-early-R&B-rock thing."

In 2011, Oates released his third solo record titled "Mississippi Mile." He decided to pay tribute to the blues and R&B that originated in the Mississippi Delta, taking considerable liberty in his definition of the Delta by letting it encompass Chuck Berry's rock & roll, the Coasters' jiving cool, the Impressions' slick uptown groove, and Percy Mayfield's smoky late-night balladry. Only sticklers will gripe about Oates bending the borders of the blues because history has shown that he's never been a purist; he's always fused different sounds and styles, which is precisely what he does here, grounding himself in an easy-rolling bluesy roots music that can encompass all manner of R&B, from a reworking of Elvis Presley's "All Shook Up" to a dynamic reinterpretation of Oates' own "You Make My Dreams Come True." It's a setting far more stripped-down than he's usually performed within -- lots of acoustic guitars, Dobros, and mandolins -- and the band locks into its rhythm with ease. Plus, there's actually a bit of sandpaper grit to Oates' voice -- maybe not enough to make this a down-and-dirty hoedown, but enough to give it soulfulness, enough to keep it from grooving a little too smoothly. Parts of Mississippi Mile hark back to Oates' folky beginnings -- Hall & Oates covered "Deep River Blues" early on and he reworks the song here -- but it's a unique record in his career, not just in how it puts an emphasis on blues and folk over soul but how it captures him performing with a relaxed authority that's quite appealing.

"Mississippi Mile" received subustantial airplay and support for it's "Blues" side from XM Sirus Radio's Bluesville station. Reaction to the record lead the station to invite John Oates into the studio for one it's "Bluesville Sessions." Reaction to the "session" resulted in 2012's release "Bluesvile Sessions" which captured live renditions of "Mississippi Mile" tracks, classic Hall & Oates tunes, and some of Oates personal favorites. The release is a mixture of Blues, Folk, Funk, and Soul just like John Oates the musician.

For his concert at Callahan's Mr. Oates will be peforming in a duo playing songs from throughout his career.

Preservation Hall Jazz Band

The Preservation Hall Jazz Band derives its name from Preservation Hall, the venerable music venue located in the heart of New Orleans' French Quarter, founded in 1961 by Allan and Sandra Jaffe. The band has traveled worldwide spreading their mission to nurture and perpetuate the art form of New Orleans Jazz. Whether performing at Carnegie Hall or Lincoln Center, for British Royalty or the King of Thailand, this music embodies a joyful, timeless spirit. Under the auspices of current director, Ben Jaffe, the son of founders Allan and Sandra, Preservation Hall continues with a deep reverence and consciousness of its greatest attributes in the modern day as a venue, band, and record label.

The building that houses Preservation Hall has housed many businesses over the years including a tavern during the war of 1812, a photo studio and an art gallery. It was during the years of the art gallery that then owner, Larry Borenstein, began holding informal jam sessions for his close friends. Out of these sessions grew the concept of Preservation Hall. The intimate venue, whose weathered exterior has been untouched over its history, is a living embodiment of its original vision. To this day, Preservation Hall has no drinks, air conditioning, or other typical accoutrements strictly welcoming people of all ages interested in having one of the last pure music experiences left on the earth.

The PHJB began touring in 1963 and for many years there were several bands successfully touring under the name Preservation Hall. Many of the band's charter members performed with the pioneers who invented jazz in the early twentieth century including Buddy Bolden, Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, and Bunk Johnson. Band leaders over the band's history include the brothers Willie and Percy Humphrey, husband and wife Billie and De De Pierce, famed pianist Sweet Emma Barrett, and in the modern day Wendall and John Brunious. These founding artists and dozens of others passed on the lessons of their music to a younger generation who now follow in their footsteps like the current lineup.



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