DOCTOR P, Dirtyloud


At 14 years of age most young people are starting to realize their potential. This was no different for Doctor P back in 2000 when he discovered the music world.

At the age of 14 he started to play instruments finding a great love for the drums and guitar, as well as many others. By the age of 16 he took this talent to the live stage with unsigned bands, developing his gift to a better level and getting a taste of the musical world he was destined for.

2 years later, he discovered the world of DJ-ing and electronic music production, leading him to start experimenting further with his talents thus leading him to university where he decided to study music production at Northampton and then at the official Steinberg university in Huddersfield gaining a 2nd class bsc (hons) in popular music production.

With his new skills, Doctor P started to attract interest from artists and labels within the drum & bass market, the first being cyntax error records in 2006. This saw his first début release called 'the lawnmower tune b/w vitamin funk' which had additional production by DJ Amadeus. This was to be the record labels' début 12″ under the pseudonym 'sounds destructive'.

Juan Basshead

$20.00 - $30.00


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