Impulsive Hearts

Impulsive Hearts

Impulsive Hearts is Danielle Sines. She sings, shouts, plays guitar and synth, and records noises on tape recorders. She likes melodies that remind her of summertime.
John Paul plays bass, guitar, saxophone, keys, and sings.
Dan Julian plays percussion.

Impulsive Hearts is summertime, beaches, swimming after dark, dance parties, bright colors, sweat, glitter, and love on an endless loop.

For fans of Best Coast, The Pretenders, Beach House, Cults, The Cure, The Smiths, Dum Dum Girls, Girls and you.

The Statutes of Liberty

The Statutes of Liberty are a group of like-minded players from various noteworthy Chicago bands (Bon Mots, Milk At Midnight, The Cells, Erie Street Jazz, etc) that play a scorching 21st century version of freedom rock . Born from a dream in 2004 and brought to the physical world proper in 2008, the S.O.L. have accepted the obligation to wake up the masses and give the people the soundtrack the cause of freedom deserves.

The Dead On


Many bands are born from the ashes of previous bands but try to shake their pasts. Well, The Dead On embrace their previous musical lives and set out to shake the rafters instead. Formed from Chicago stalwart greats Woolworthy and The Reputation, The Dead On embody modern rock n roll with big, dirty guitar hooks, snotty slash and burn riffs and ultra catchy melodies. They are on a mission to make great Rock N Roll and to make Rock N Roll great again.

Rudy Gonzalez (ex-Woolworthy), singer, guitar player and songwriter for the band unleashes his wild, weary spirit and introspective songwriting. He writes songs that sound good in bad places. Greg Mytych (ex-The Reputation) on bass, brings the right amount of powerhouse attack, catchy bass fills and harmony vocals to the gang. With Charley Ryan (ex-Empty Spaces), on lead guitar, the ante is raised. He blazes through each song like it’s his exorcism. He is the dangerous Keith Richards to Rudy’s ragged Mick Jagger. The addition of drummer Loren Guzik (ex-Penthouse Sweets) completes the action pact. His drumming slams and bashes yet is precise and tasteful all at the same time.

The debut album by The Dead On, The Way It Feels When It Feels This Way will knock you out and then hold your hand and make it all better. Guitar riffs catchy enough to work their way into your pleasure spot; all done with heart-pounding energy. With the right blend of The Replacements gutsy rock and the grit of CBGB they have a bash & pop masterpiece. They sound like an 80’s post-punk band dipped in 70’s Thin Lizzy raunch and transported into the future. With simple and melodic songs like She Is All The Rage and You Make My Love Grow, the band revitalizes the power pop genre with power chords and infectious drum beats. On tracks It’s Lonely Where You Are and the punchy You Can’t Do Anything About Anything (You Can’t Do Anything About), the ringing guitars and haunting spaces show the band’s depth. Hold Me In Suspension and We Are All Alive allow the band to stick a flag in the Rock N Roll Handbook for future generations to come.

The Dead On, simply put, is a breath of fresh air for Rock N Roll. They wear their hearts and guts on their sleeves in equal measure. They own it and want to give it away. The band is on to something and it is dead on. Or shall I say, it is The Dead On.
Modern Rock N Roll with big, dirty guitar hooks, snotty slash and burn riffs and ultra catchy melodies. 80’s post-punk inspired, dipped in 70’s Rolling Stones raunch and transported into the future.


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