Halloween In The Black Lodge

Halloween In The Black Lodge

Brooklyn's premier purveyor of Lynch-smeared dark electronic pop music, a place both wonderful and strange, invites you to spend a Halloween night in the Black Lodge with his ADVENTURE[s] DJ crew (ft Choyce Hacks! Cherry Magdalene + more surprises), themed performances, decorations and...surprises galore.

MIDNIGHT PERFORMANCE of a place both wonderful + strange's KEYS OPEN DOORS: THE HIDDEN LIFE OF LAURA PALMER audiovisual performance, the highly acclaimed DAVID LYNCH: THE UNIFIED FIELD afterparty set from 2014's ERASERHOOD (THE ONLY NEW YORK SHOWING)

Come dressed to impress as your favorite Twin Peaks character for the chance to win fabulous or terrifying prizes. Do the Leland Palmer to twisted, fun DJ sets all night long. Guzzle down coffee and donuts to your hearts content. And, whatever you do...Beware of Bob.


Joshua, Elizabeth and Lewis Valleau have been making music separately and in pairs for years, but finally the triplets are united in a mission to take dance music into the darkest of nights.

Combining classical training in piano, guitar, harpsichord, drums, and voice with personal obsessions with synthesizers, drum machines, analogue tape and Live PA, WOLVVES seeks to push the fragile boundaries of dance genres into the psychedelic extremes of harmonic emotion.

WOLVVES are inspired by bells, ghosts, predators, white-knuckled terror, the tears of lost lovers, and the knowledge that "Every moment we are living in someone else's past" - William Gibson.

Their debut EP "Feed the Hand that Bites" is 4 tracks deep, with another 2 due before the Fall.


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