A House for Lions

A House for Lions

A House For Lions is a very special band for us here at Young Giant. They were, and remain, one of our first and longest lasting crushes, a band behind the kind of textured sound that, without having to do too much explaining, just feels right. An L.A. band at heart, their origin story remains unique, involving European wanderlust, Craigslist, and imagining the possibilities beyond the surface of reality. Having received rave reviews from sources every young, emerging band hopes to, including but not limited to Billboard.com, NPR, The Deli, Filter, The L.A. Times, and Buzzbands.la, the band has established an imprint both in L.A and around the country as one to watch. A House for Lions evokes a certain smoky, emotive blend of alt-rock, folk, and a "garage ferocity" to create one of the most unique stamps on modern rock to exist in the paradigm of new music today.

Sleep Well (acoustic set)

The members of Sleep Well were brought together by forces of cosmic intervention, who, in their great wisdom, knew that the combination of these four souls in songwriting orgitude would result in music that the world truly needed to hear.

Sleep Well functions as a collaborative songwriting collective. At the beginning of every band practice, they partake in an ancient Native American ritual which allows them to combine their consciousnesses so that they become one unified super being. Once unified in super being-ness Sleep Well writes music.

Sleep Well's music is heart felt, and genuine. Their lyrics have been said to be "like if Shakespeare had Bukowski's liver, and this liver had insomnia, and wrote when it couldn't sleep." Their music forces you to look at life square in the eye, and say "what up," and get to know it a little better. They manage to combine stark seriousness with a vaguely bleak sense of humor. The result is sometimes wry, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes inspiring, sometimes unrepentantly joyful, but always beautiful; just like you.

They've been collaborating since sometime in 2012.
They play out regularly in the Denver area, and are currently recording their first LP.

$7.00 - $10.00


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