Gorilla Music presents: Hip Hop Night

Gorilla Music presents: Hip Hop Night

The Battle of the Bands has become more popular than ever before, attracting massive crowds and a huge amount of interest in local music scenes. Gorilla Music works with prestigious clubs in over 65 cities nationwide, and opens their doors for local bands hoping to make an impact within their music scene. Through a battle of the bands, groups are able to gain experience, play in great venues for great crowds, and learn more about the music business itself. Groups recognize that a battle of the bands can help them build a fan base, improve their bio, and gain the respect of their fans, other bands, promoters, and club owners. Winning a battle of the bands is the fastest way to take your group to the next level. Seeing that crowd and hearing hundreds of people screaming your group’s name will make an incredible impact on everyone there the night of your performance. Gorilla Concerts are some of the biggest local shows in the country and probably the world.

After a battle of the bands, groups are cherry-picked for other gigs, Gorilla Concerts and other opportunities. Our regional and national music fests attract thousands of people including fans, record label reps, and talent scouts. Our weekend showcases help groups define their status in their market place and actually increase their value to clubs and fans alike. In addition to all our great shows and gigs we have an amazing Band Management Program and learning center, with literature and educational videos available online.

Cop Graves

Gastonia, North Carolina trio with members of Pinko, All Rise, & The '97 Bulls. (formerly Homewrecker, sometimes Druglord)

Crackers & Snackmeat

Crackers & Snackmeat are seasoned veterans to the Charlotte music and comedy scene. Currently, they are the house band for the "Crazy Late show with Johnny Millwater". They have played with internationally touring comedian Doug Stanhope along with local and regional comedic talent such as Kerry White, Carlos Valencia, Joe Zimmerman, Tom Stover, Johnny Millwater, Jonas Garvin, and Allegra Barnett. They have carved out a solid niche with other comedy acts as well. It doesn't stop there as they have shared the stage with The LRC, Satta Tribe, Eyes of the Elders, One Big Love, Red Letter Blue, a little ugly, The Side, cul-de-sac, 20 Past 4, The Thought Criminals, Andy Wood, Case Federal & The Agents, Roots Essential, Matthew Paul Butler, The Lights Fluorescent, Wicked Jones, Tater Famine, Attila's Honey, SouthSide Punx, Dr. Cirkustein, Funky Geezer, Sherman Hellville, Rogue Planet, Run Engine, Spongecake & The Fluff Ramblers, and many others over the years.

Since their inception they have stretched the musical boundaries with pounding funk grooves, laid back blues, and hard hitting hooks. Fearless in exploring different genres, from jazz to rock to metal as they continue to grow as a musical team.

The original line-up as put together in January 2008 by the now defunct Habitual Ritual Sketch Comedy Troupe was guitarist Phil Black and bassist Jason French (formerly backups at The Perch Comedy Club), drummer Chris "SkeeZe" Slezak from a myspace bulletin, and singer/actor/improv comedian James Lee Walker II. Drummer Colin Ray (Case Federal & The Agents, Sherman Hellville) joined the band in May of 2013 to replace Chris "SkeeZe" Slezak who relocated to Austin, TX.

Crackers & Snackmeat released "Down The Road", their debut album with Milkjug Records in August 2009 and are currently working on their sophomore effort "That's What's Up!" due later this year.

Güder was formed by a group of Charlotte based musicians in 2012 after Jameilyara Moore reached out to fellow musicians, Joseph and Daniel Quisol, to evolve her solo career into a full band. Bass player, Sharad Wertheimer and percussionists, Walker Smith and Luther Allison, were added to the mix shortly after. The band performs revamped versions of Moore's original works as well as new original songs composed as a band.

Güder is an American alternative rock band from Charlotte, North Carolina. Each member draws from various musical backgrounds such as Indie, Alternative, Jazz, and Pop, and together they've developed their own upbeat rhythms and catchy choruses, proudly establishing a sound of their own.

Fountain Penn

Freddie Wilson has been meandering around the North Carolinian music scene for the past six years, along the way developing the stage name “Fountain Penn”. A young singer/songwriter with heart and soul, he is always eager to serenade any crowd. First taking the stage at a ripe age of thirteen and rarely spending a weekend off since then, Freddie has essentially grown up in the local scene. Fountain Penn has made a name for himself by performing anywhere from a street corner to coffee shops, house parties, hookah bars, restaurants, art galleries and music halls. His original songs are well-crafted, genuine and sometimes humorous. In the Summer of 2011 Fountain Penn recorded with ex-Avett Brother engineer and Paleface bassist Grey Revell. The product was the “Bum’s and Bastard’s EP”, released for a time on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify and now exclusively on Bandcamp.com. After touring around the state in it’s promotion Mr. Penn returned to his current home in Greensboro, NC and began writing a series heartfelt, lyrical mémoires. These songs would soon evolve into his first full-length release. During that time he enlisted the help of a good friend, Kevin McClary(Earl of Evenings), to record the all acoustic, emotional LP, eventually named “Northerly“. Most of the recording took place in Freddie’s hometown of Davidson, NC in his families’ small, garage apartment. The tracking for Northerly lasted only three hours and mainly live tracks were used in the final draft, creating a raw and honest aesthetic. “Northerly doesn’t hide behind layers of reverb, or walls of distortion”, says Fountain Penn, “the recordings are ridden with mistakes and flaws, the songs vulnerably fend for themselves”. Freddie is currently preparing to embark on a small tour in the beginning of 2013 with Old Rusty Mandolin and planning a larger, midwestern tour in May with Bostonian poet friend, Donnie Welch.

The JackKnife Barbers

It's like Emerson, Lake and Palmer getting into a pub fight with The Who while The Moody Blues shoot vodka at the bar.

With an inner fire fueled largely by ethanol and a passion for performance, Matt Stache and The JackKnife Barbers have blazed the trail into a new genre of keyboard-driven progressive and excessive garage rock... garage prog.

Augury of Fate

$10.00 - $12.00


Plus $3 surcharge for those under 21

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