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The Black Black

The BLACK BLACK formed in Brooklyn in September 2011. The trio creates their own brand of groove-heavy punk rock. Rock solid rhythms juxtaposed with powerful, driving bass lines and spastic guitars; all tied together with classic melodies. It's rock music that sinks into your bones and requires you to keep turning it up. The BLACK BLACK released their first EP "Music To Sell Drinks To" in January 2012 and will be playing shows all around the Northeast this Spring. The BLACK BLACK consists of Jonathan Daily (guitar/vocals), Chris Schnaars (bass/vocals) and Johnny Skwirut (drums).

Brooklyn trio LIBEL mixes the razor-sharp rhythms of 90s-era post-punk with the epic and overwrought melodies and textures of vintage glam rock to create unforgettably catchy songs.

Singer/guitarist Gavin Dunaway howls into the microphone and unleashes oversaturated waves of distortion while bass player Brian LaRue and drummer Jonathan Hanson chug out the kind of beats that made DC famous. The combination makes for a loud and frenetic live show -- Libel has been known to raise havoc at many NYC music venues.

"Libel is part of a much needed revival of technically proficient rock bands whose influences come from a time when bands like Jawbox, Sunny Day Real Estate and Shudder to Think were kings, or damn well should have been." -- NYPress.com

"Following the lead of idols past such as Smashing Pumpkins, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Hum, Brooklyn trio Libel recently released an EP loaded with guitars that lure the listener in and then cut deep. No Regrets of Our Youth is the band's second EP and shows great growth in both their dynamics as a band as well as frontman Gavin Dunaway's songwriting." -- Jonny Leather, MeccaLecca.com

"Local trio Libel have roots in our nation's capital, and their lean, muscular sound roars with the influence of the bands that defined DC in the nineties.... I'm surprised by how seldom I come across a band carrying this torch, so I was glad to discover Libel's 2010 album No Regrets for Our Youth. Their shows are hard-hitting workouts; like their DC forefathers, they know how to balance tightness and chaos." -- James Rickman, Beacon Pass.

"Libel is good, old-fashioned glam rock with a twist of the future." -- Amy Grimm, Whatever Blog


Sharkmuffin's name fits. The Brooklyn all female 3-piece outfit crafts adorable pop music with jagged, garage-aged fangs. With lyrical subjects including incest, mythical bestiality, and homicidal heroin using femebots, Thiessen's gutsy vocals jump between gentle moans to rough, forceful screams. They melt into Sarah Peterson's crashing cymbals and Natalie Kirch's thudding bass in a harmonious union. Admiration for 90s alternative girl group-esquehooks are paired with heavy 1970s inspired guitar riffs to create the raw sound of these punk rocking debutants. With these guys, it's no secret the end goal is fun. Sharkmuffin doesn't really give a fuck, they just want to have a good time.

American Darlings

The American Darlings sound is steeped in fuzzed out bass lines, loose-yourself chord progressions, and vocals akin to J. Mascis when he's not whining. Recently named "Artist of the Month" by Brooklyn-based indie taste-making mag The Deli, American Darlings is setting the stage for a national take-over. -Epitonic.com


Mount Sharp

mars fuzz rock, songs about monsters, and other science noises from the gowanus canal


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