HEAD ON is more than just a dance party, it's a cage match pitting two DJs and two themes against one another. Sometime around midnight, we'll put them back to back for about 30 minutes to give you some time to make your decision. The audience (you) will decide who wins, who gets to keep spinning, and whose music keeps playing as the night goes on.



Yes folks, HEAD ON is back again with another killer party and this time we're trying something new. We've pitted genres against one another, bands against one another, and now we think it's time we pit two countries against one another. So we picked two of our favorite countries that were not the USA (because it'd be a little one-sided) and we came up with SWEDEN vs. ENGLAND. The land of Robyn, the Knife, Lykke Li, the Cardigans and Peter Bjorn & John will take on the land of the Smiths, Pulp, Hot Chip, Bowie and um, Phil Collins? At midnight, two DJs will take opposite ends of the stage and pit song after song against one another while you work yourselves into a frenzy. Based on your dance moves and your cheering, we'll crown a winner. The rest of the night we'll dance to indie, disco, synthpop, electro and classic jams provided by guest DJ Mister Disco (Happy House, le Bump) and resident DJs Brian Blackout and Spoolwork. HEAD ON: Sweden vs. England

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