Fungo Mungo was formed in 1988 by Mike Johnson on guitar; Jeff Gomes on drums; Damon Ramirez on keyboards; Damion Gallegos taking the helm as front man/vocalist for the first time; and Kevin Silva on bass who would later be replaced by Arion “thumpy” Salazer in 1989. Fungo Mungo signed to Island Records by Chris Blackwell in 1991, releasing Humungous to college radio and nation airwaves in 1992. The band’s first recordings, luckily enough, were produced by Matt Winegar (Primus: Suck on This, Sailing the Seas of Cheese; Spent Poets: self titled debut and Steve; Slider: Fremont.) In 1989, Fungo Mungo released their self titled debut, produced by Matt Winegar to critical acclaim and college radio airplay. Their legendary live shows alongside Bay Area peers: Primus, Mr. Bungle, Limbomaniacs, Psychofunkapus, Deli Creeps… created a musical movement dubbed, “thrash funk”, making them victors of this major label signing flurry which included: Primus, Psychofunkapus, Fungo Mungo, and platinum artist Faith No More.

Along with Primus, Mr. Bungle, Psychofunkapus, and the Limbomaniacs, Fungo Mungo became one of the most successful bands out of the San Francisco Bay Area’s emerging thrash funk scene in the late 80′s/early 1990′s. With Salazar, the new line-up recorded Humungous in 1992. The album brought the band a new level of commercial success and they found themselves amongst the sudden popularity and attention given to the bay area thrash funk music scene; and one of the few bands from the scene signed with a major label contract.

Humungous included the singles “Downtown Oakland”, “Do You Believe in God?”, “Sold Your Soul”, and “Shut The Fuck Up”. The songs gained considerable airtime on college and commercial radio stations, the video for “Do You Believe in God?” debuted on MTV’s head bangers ball and was the most requested song on “The Box” locally for the entire year of 1992. The band’s combination of raw energy rap, rock, and funk were too ahead of their time and hard to market, even so, Humungous broke the charts in Australia and American college radio. Vincent Jefferies of All Music Guide wrote, “Fungo Mungo delivers tightly-wrapped funk modeled after the genre’s best practitioners. Instead of the kinetic locker-room edge of funk-rock superstars Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fungo Mungo had the talent and desire to move booties with their Prince and Funkadelic inflections. Besides the rock instrumentation, the disc includes plenty of horns in its mix, keeping the soul flow in affect as the band glides through their loosely arranged jams. Highlight cuts include the Sign O’ the Times mimicking “Hype is Stupid” and the rolling riffage of “Sex Sells” that suggests fellow Bay Area mega-talents Primus. Humongous has the all the energy and musicianship needed to inspire open-minded funk fans of any generation.

Ahead of their time, their sound was difficult to market in the pre-urban crossover music arena, even with touring colleges across the states over the next few years, alongside Island label mates: Disposable Heroes of Hypocrisy, Michael Franti, and platinum artists No Doubt, the band was dropped by their label in 1996. Bassist Arion Salazer would soon join Third Eye Blind and drummer Jeff Gomes made his way with guitar legend MIRV. Damon Ramirez and Mike Johnson also had a short lived band named, The Chums.

In late 2009, Fungo Mungo reunited with new member Craig McFarland (Mirv, Ronnie Mantros, The Gamma) on bass, for a sling of benefit shows which began at the Hollywood Avalon ballroom for Chi of the Deftones in November of 2009. Founding members Jeff Gnomes, Mike Johnson, Damon Ramirez, and Damion Gallegos are thrilled to be back in the limelight playing their standards: ”Downtown Oakland”, “Brothers and Sisters”, and “Do You Believe in God”?

Staying true to their roots in the funk genre while being older and wiser in the music they are creating now, Damion is happy to have Fungo Mungo on his label, Feeb Records. “It’s always been a dream of mine to have my first, original band on my own label…and to get these guys back in the studio doing what they do best, writing high powered funk music for live shows. We’re trying to capture our live energy in these next recordings.” marked Damion.

The Devil in California

The Devil In California was the brainchild of Eddie Colmenares, who had recently been playing drums for Bay Area favorites Electric Sister. Eddie had been wanting to create a harder rocking band with more of a southern flavor, and after ES went on Hiatus, he took his chances running an ad locally to start putting a band together. Friends of Jamie Cronander saw the ad and thought the guitarist had put it out, since it also sounded like something he would write. When inquired about why he was putting a band together and not telling anyone, Jamie's interest was piqued and he contacted Eddie. And that was the start of The Devil In California.

The band itself assembled fairly quickly, and with top-notch talent. Jamie brought in Matt Stewart on bass and Eddie brought in local singer Tony Malson. They had 5 songs written within weeks, and started lining up shows. There was only one piece missing...

A search for another guitarist to round out the band had been fruitless, and The Devil In California was a reluctant 4 piece for the time being. They finally started recording their demo with Snake (formerly of Skinlab and Re:Ignition) who immediately took a liking to the music. After Snake parted ways with a band he was playing with, both parties agreed that he would be the perfect replacement. And the band was complete.

In the short period of time The Devil In California has been a band, they have played 4 shows - including a great showcase under a different name - and their first official show where they played to a raging crowd and sold half of their merchandise. The band will continue to move forward with bigger and better things for 2013 and beyond.


Formed in 2012 by former members of Oola Rocksteady, Gigantis is a genre bending group from the San Francisco East Bay.

Although this group was originally formed in 2008 under another name, Oola Rocksteady, the bands drive to create a musical melting pot, embracing their diverse backgrounds, spawned the desire to conjure up Gigantis. Staying true to the knee dropping grooves that initially gained them much love and attention, Gigantis is raising the bar by adding elements of blues, metal and even swing to their earth shaking sounds. We'd like to thank our families, friends and fans for the continued support as well as welcome our new fans to experience the journey of... Gigantis! Muahaha!

$16 adv - $20 dos


Under 21 must buy $5 drink ticket at the door.

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