The GNC OPA Ottawa Championships: All Day Session

The GNC Allmax OPA Ottawa Championships: All Day Session (Prejudging & Finals)

The GNC OPA Ottawa Championships provides a competitive platform for a number of male and female bodybuilding and fitness categories including bodybuilding, physique, figure, bikini and fitness. The event is governed by the Ontario Physique Association (OPA), the province’s governing body recognized nationally by the CBBF and internationally by the IFBB.

Following months of intense training, strict dieting, and the goal of physical perfection; competitors sign up for the GNC OPA Ottawa Championships, with the hope of obtaining one of the coveted awards. Along with the title, coves the opportunity to advance to the next level, with 5 positions in each category eligible to compete at the GNC |Ontario Provincials, where they will compete as Ontario’s most physically fit amateur athletes.



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