Rebel Tumbao

Rebel Tumbao (pronounced Toom-Ba-ou )

This incendiary 12 piece band led by Matt Jenson (keys) and José Claussell (multi-percussionist, Eddie Palmieri/Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell) have developed a new sound that is a unique blend of contemporary Cuban Son and Jamaican Roots Reggae with elements of soul, gospel, funk, jazz and African folklore. AfroLatinRootsReggae

They have a message to bring that is a delicious brew of socially conscious lyrics with sharp political commentary, held together with amazingly tight rhythm and horn arrangements bubbling under and over the most wrenching vocals in English and Spanish. Put your feet on automatic 'cause your mind will be working over time!

‘I went expecting a good performance because of the great musicians involved, but they came out the gate with such force that the entire audience was slack jawed for a moment before they even realized that they were dancing with their mouths open.’

-Brian Michel Bacchus

‘A timely piece of socially conscious lyrics with music as its vehicle. We should all rejoice because this unique gathering of gifted and talented musicians is a blessing from the universe. Rebel Tumbao invites all of us to be part of a mental and spiritual evolution.’

- David Worthy

‘Groovical groovosity! I'm quite sure the audience will gradually loose their minds during the course of a night when you play!’

- Kenwood Dennard

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