The O, Ferrari Truck, Ayumi Ishito, Jason Consolacion

The O

Ferrari Truck

A musical project that was created by free men.

Ayumi Ishito

Jazz Saxophonist/Composer

Jason Consolacion

Jason Consolacion has established himself as an impressive singer-songwriter, catching the ear of an expanding audience. His style of rock incorporates a number of elements, including rock, folk, jazz, blues and R&B.
A graduate of Houston's prestigious High School For The Performing And Visual Arts, and always dedicated to being a student of all types of music, Jason has used his knowledge of vari
ous styles to incorporate a fusion of all his tastes into an acoustic pop setting. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Jason moved with his family to Houston when he was 6. The son of a concert pianist, Jason turned the influence from his mother into a dream that has led him to where he is today - playing his songs and affecting people with pop- and jazz-laden melodies and lyrics everyone can relate to.
Other than his mother, Jason's musical influences cover a large variety of personalities, including Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Herbie Hancock, Joni Mitchell, The Police, and Michael Jackson.
Those who have heard Jason's songs live or on disc have been taken by the freshness of the writing, singing and playing. Now living in New York, the singer-songwriter hopes to continue to play for as many people as he can while maturing as a respectable musician.
Jason's discography includes an EP titled UNCERTAIN AIR (2003), the full-length albums EVERYTHING'S OK (2004) and ACOUSTIC BOOGALOO (2005), an EP titled THE POOL TABLE MATTER (2006) and the 2012 releases NOVEMBER SESSIONS and STREAMING THE MAINS, all available for purchase here on Facebook, and on iTunes.


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