"Lluvia Flamenca" Arizona's Flamenco Celebration


The word juncal defines those "aficionados" of the Flamenco art form who inhabited "cafe cantantes", where food, drink, music and dance sustained the angst and celebration of Andalusian and Gypsy life.

But Juncal Street is no ordinary Flamenco show. Juncal Street was designed to pay homage to these great "juncales", while drawing global inspiration from street art and contemporary urban dance styles. Its music mixes and matches Jazz, Rock, Funk, and Blues with traditional Flamenco, all byproducts of cultural melting pots. Juncal Street stands for a new direction for Flamenco, without taking away the essence of tradition and discipline that so distinctly characterize Flamenco.

Six incredible artists perform together in Juncal Street, all maestros of their art forms. They constitute a multicultural medley of North American, French, Spanish and Gypsies performers, including award-winning dancers Manuel Gutierrez and Fanny Ara, internationally-esteemed guitarist Jason McGuire, vocalist Jose Cortes, and percussion and bass by Joey Heredia and Tim Lefebvre. Juncal Street has performed in theaters, performing arts centers, and jazz clubs throughout North America, and was nominated for three Isadora Duncan Awards for Most Outstanding Music, Ensemble and Individual Performance. Exciting, an avant-garde urban fusion, Juncal Street is a journey through cultures , past and present , exploring borderless territories of "El Arte".

$19.00 - $28.00


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